The Dash Two bi-monthly podcast is your opportunity to get inside in-formation on the trends impacting the advertising industry. We speak to some of the leaders in advertising who share their expertise in the field of outdoor advertising, digital advertising, wild posting and everything else in between. The focus for any advertising agency is to provide the highest possible return on investment (ROI) for their client. Our podcasts unpack the various ways different advertising agencies are exceeding their client’s expectations, dramatically increasing their ROI and offering innovative solutions to outdoor and digital advertising challenges.

At DASH TWO we’d love you to lend us your ears, twice a month, for our Ad Chat podcast. As you head about your day, earpieces in, hear what is disrupting the advertising agency space by clicking on one of our Ad Chat podcast for the whole enchilada. What is shifting in social media circles, whose dominating outdoor advertising, what tech is shaking the digital advertising foundation, who is using wild posting for maximum im-pact? We get it straight from the thoroughbred’s mouths –those industry leaders defining the way we marry insane creativity and innovation with selling products and increasing client’s ROI.

DASH TWO’s Ad Chat podcast covers a range of informative and inspir-ing topics from the greats like Fabrice Sergent from Bandsintown, Dave Cool from Bandzoogle, Randall Smith of Martin Outdoor Media, Brain Shafton of BBC Records to name some of our first contributors.

Let us know about what you’d like to learn about the business and we’ll find the experts to wax lyrical about it for you on our Ad Chat podcast.

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