Ep 3: Dave Cool of Bandzoogle Talk About Tools for Musicians


DASH TWO’s Kim Pham speaks with Dave Cool of Bandzoogle who is the Director of Artist & Industry Outreach. Bandzoogle is an online platform which provides tools for musicians to build a professional website, promote their music, and sell direct-to-fan for a flat monthly fee. In this episode Dave discusses website development for artists and tools for marketing directly to their fans.

* 0:25 – David shares his background and his role at Bandzoogle
* 1:33 – How Bandzoogle manages employees as a remote company
* 2:35 – David talks about how he got into the music industry and at Bandzoogle
* 2:54 – He made a documentary, “What is Indie?”, about the shift in the music industry
* 4:19 – Artists of every genre and career level use Bandzoogle
* 5:10 – The platform allows artists to have control over marketing & selling
* 5:49 – Getting started with the platform and its ease of use
* 8:47 – David talks about the changes and challenges in artist marketing on Bandzoogle
* 9:00 – Bandzoogle adapted their designs to support mobile devices
* 10:47 – David discusses the social aspect of the platform
* 11:58 – Bandzoogle members use the platform’s data to help book gigs
* 12:36 – Google Adwords helps book events & Facebook ads help promote tours and albums
* 13:00 – The platform’s data also helps members wisely allocate their money for advertising
* 13:12 – David talks about the effectiveness of digital advertising in his own life
* 13:55 – Bandzoogle is starting a blog series to help musicians advertise their music
* 14:28 – The future of Bandzoogle
* 15:45 – David talks about his most memorable advertisement

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: AD Chat Ep 3: Dave Cool of Bandzoogle

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David Cool

David Cool Director, Artist & Industry Outreach at Bandzoogle bandzoogle.com