Ep 4: Fabrice Sergent of Bandsintown Talk About How to Connect Artists and Fans


DASH TWO’s Kim M. Pham speaks with Fabrice Sergent of Bandsintown who is a Managing Partner. Bandsintown is the leading platform where artists and fans connect. The Bandsintown Concerts App lets fans track their favorite artists and receive emails or mobile notifications when they or similar bands are playing in the user’s area.

* 0:31 – Fabrice shares his background and how we got started at Bandsintown
* 1:15 – Fabrice talks about how he got into the music industry
* 2:42 – How Bandsintown differs from other concert discovery platforms
* 4:42 – The different sites Bandsintown can track user data on their platform
* 5:20 – The ‘Fan’s Music DNA’ algorithm analyzes user data and helps create accurate concert recommendations
* 7:28 – Fabrice discusses changes in the digital landscape
* 9:44 – How Bandsintown’s fan metrics are leveraged for advertising
* 11:03 – Bandsintown has grown as a result of organic advertising
* 11:51 – Fabrice task about Bandsintown current and future projects.
* 13:06 – Fabrice talks about the most memorable advertising campaign he’s seen

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: AD Chat Ep 4: Fabrice Sergent of Bandsintown

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Fabrice Sergent

Fabrice Sergent Managing Partner at Bandsintown


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