Ep 1: Brian Shafton of RBC Records talks about Modern Day Music Business


DASH TWO’s Kim M. Pham speaks with RBC Records founder Brian Shafton.  RBC Records is an independent Record Label and Management company based in Los Angeles. RBC provides artists and independent labels with a full-service, “Virtual Label” alternative to signing with a major label. In this podcast Brian Shafton discuses Apple Music, Spotify, Major Labels and much more.  Learn how he sees the independent music landscape and how he finds ways to advertise his artists in today’s environment.

* 0:27 – Brian shares his background and how he started RBC Records
* 5:20 – What makes RBC Records stand out
* 7:03 – Embracing the changing industry, especially with the introduction of the Internet
* 8:08 – RBC Records getting ahead in the digital landscape
* 9:08 – Streaming is a big discovery tool for record labels and consumers
* 10:46 – Brian explains how RBC uses Organic Discovery vs. Paid Media in campaigns
* 12:46 – Streaming’s rapid growth and its effects on media budget allocations
* 15:28 – Attributes of an effective campaign
* 19:31 – Brian talks about his most memorable campaign

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: AD Chat Ep 1: Brian Shafton of RBC Records

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Brian Shafton

Brian Shafton Founder of RBC Records


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