Ep 2: Randall Smith of Martin Outdoor Media talks about Outdoor Advertising


* 0:15 – Randall shares his background and how he started Martin Outdoor Advertising
* 1:34 – Randall talks about his transition into Outdoor Advertising
* 1:56 – The value of Out-of-Home media is rapidly increasing along with its audience
* 3:09 – Martin Outdoor’s targeting capabilities and process
* 4:54 – Randall discusses creative trends in outdoor advertising and bus bench ads
* 5:29 – The biggest mistake advertisers make with creative
* 6:09 – Industries that are compatible with bus bench advertisements
* 7:20 – Randall gives the best strategy to use for an effective outdoor advertising campaign
* 8:15 – The future of geofencing around display ads in outdoor advertising
* 9:01 – Martin Outdoor is experimenting with Beacon technology on bus bench units
* 9:35 – Randall talks about his most memorable campaign

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: AD Chat Ep 2: Randall of Martin Outdoor

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Randall Smith

Randall Smith Founder of Martin Outdoor


Digital Advertising and Outdoor Advertising Buying solutions for Entertainment and Youth Oriented Brands. Wild Posting, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads.
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