Why Hispanic Out of Home Advertising?

It makes sense to target Hispanics with out of home advertising for 4 reasons:  Hispanics are a large demographic group; Hispanics are growing; Hispanics are young; and Hispanics are more likely to notice out of home ads.

  • A large demographic group. Hispanics are the largest minority group in the US.  One in six US residents is Hispanic.  Hispanics accounted for 57 million (17%) of the 323 million people in the United States.
  • A growing population. Hispanics have accounted for half the population growth in the united states since 2010.
  • A young population. Hispanics skew young.  The median age of Hispanics in the United States is 29 versus a median age of 40 for the non-Hispanic population in the US.  By advertising to Hispanics businesses can reach a large segment of the population whose brand preferences are still being formed.
  • A group that notices out of home.  Hispanics are more likely to view out of home advertising than non-Hispanics due to a younger age and more reliance on public transit.  This chart shows that Hispanics are 5-88% more likely to view out of home adverting than the average US Traveler.

Where Should You Invest in Hispanic Out of Home Advertising?

It makes sense to target Hispanics with out of home advertising in areas with significant Hispanic populations.  More than half of the Hispanic population is in three states: California, Texas and Florida.  Here’s a list of the 30 US DMA’s with the largest Hispanic population:

DMA State 2014 Hispanics
Los Angeles Long Beach Anaheim California 6.0 million
New York Newark Jersey City New York/New Jersey 4.8 million
Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida 2.5 million
Houston Texas 2.3 million
Riverside San Bernardino California 2.2 million
Chicago Naperville Illinois 2.0 million
Dallas Fort Worth Texas 1.9 million
Phoenix Mesa Scottsdale Arizona 1.3 million
San Antonio New Braunfels Texas 1.3 million
San Diego Carlsbad California 1.1 million
San Francisco Oakland California 1.0 million
Washington Arlington Alexandria DC, Virginia, Maryland 0.9 million
McAllen Edinburg Texas 0.8 million
El Paso Texas 0.7 million
Orlando Kissimmee Stanford Florida 0.6 million
Denver Aurora Lakewood Colorado 0.6 million
Austin Round Rock Texas 0.6 million
Las Vegas Henderson Nevada 0.6 million
Atlanta Sandy Springs Georgia 0.6 million
Philadelphia Camden Pennsylvania, New Jersey 0.6 million
Tampa St Petersburg Florida 0.5 million
Fresno California 0.5 million
San Jose Sunnyvale California 0.5 million
Boston Cambridge Newton Massachusetts 0.5 million
Sacramento California 0.5 million
Bakersfield California 0.4 million
Albuquerque New Mexico 0.4 million
Brownsville Harlingen Texas 0.4 million
Tucson Arizona 0.4 million
Seattle Tacoma Bellevue Washington 0.4 million

Source: 2014 US census.

Spanish or English?

Spanish language advertising is important because only 41% of Hispanics report that they speak English “very well”.  Look at this Pew Research chart.

The research shows that advertising in Spanish promotes respect and retention.  52% of Spanish-dominant Hispanics say hearing an ad in Spanish makes them think a company respects them and wants their business.  53% of Spanish-dominant Hispanics remember an ad better if it is in Spanish.

Source: OAAA, Marketing to Hispanic Consumers

Rodolfo Queiroz

Rodolfo Queiroz

Rodolfo Queiroz is an expert in the Out-of-Home world and is based out of Los Angeles, CA currently working at DASH TWO. Rodolfo has worked closely with clients primarily in the lifestyle apparel and music space, such as American Apparel, CoverFx and Interscope Records. Part of an agency, Rodolfo works with clients to help develop outdoor campaigns that reaches audiences through brand awareness and support their respective business objectives. He is responsible for the expansion and organization of client brands’ OOH strategy.

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