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We make media buying both simple and powerful. With an approach that’s grounded in collecting and analyzing relevant data, we understand what the numbers are telling us and how to make the most out of them.

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We’re prepared to help smaller businesses take on giant competitors in their market with ease. With proven geo-fencing capabilities, we’ll get you where you need to be with search engine advertising that works.


The DASH TWO team will monitor your digital advertising campaigns closely, ready to act on critical information and course-correct at a moment’s notice.


With a deep understanding of the data, we dig into the numbers, working closely with our clients to continually strategize and increase ROI whenever possible.


Using the latest technology, we'll keep your brand offering up to date and engaging material. The online space is changing in real time, and we’re at the forefront, ready to stake your claim in your niche market.


We believe in the power of outdoor advertising because we have seen it work. It presents the perfect balance of effectiveness and efficiency: It presents the perfect balance of effectiveness and efficiency, it is memorable, inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing. When OOH Ads are deployed correctly they become key game changing components to any client's campaign. When deployed correctly with the right thinking behind them, they can become a game-changer for many clients.

Outdoor Services
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Taking advantage of digital advertising is something you
can’t afford to miss, it’s the best way to get your message
to paying customers. Buying ad space on websites, search
engines and social media platforms like Facebook helps you
reach a highly targeted audience easily.

Digital Services

“We needed digital ad services, expertise in programmatic
advertising and help with traditional media buying.
DASH TWO really came through for us in all areas.”

Bryan Shafton RBC Records

"I cannot rave enough about DASH TWO. They are my go-to digital advertising agency — their team designed a digital media campaign that increased applications to our graduate programs by 50% and significantly drove traffic to our website. They know what they're doing and I learn something new each time I meet with them. Any organization would benefit from their expertise and hard work. Total pros!"

Julie Porter Director of PR and Communications, LMU School of Film and Television

"DASH TWO is a great media buying agency to work with!
They are prompt, professional and simply put - they get it.
Our results have been fantastic!"

Renee Frank Marketing, Frank Productions Inc.

"We needed digital ad services, expertise in programmatic
advertising and help with traditional media buying.
DASH TWO really came through for us in all areas."

Amanda D. Johnson RBC Records

"DASH TWO is an excellent boutique media buying shop.
If you need programmatic advertising and digital ad services,
I highly recommend them."

Josh D'Amore 300 Entertainment

"If you’re in the music industry and you need a media
buying firm with expertise in digital ad services,
DASH TWO is your company."

Sharon N. Myers