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We are the “OOH” specialists. Out-of-home advertising allows you to get your head out of the “cloud” and back into the real world for a bit. But isn’t that, like, so 1997? Yes, indeed. Sometimes what seems “old fashioned” never goes out of style and continues to have a remarkable impact on our senses.

Think – handwritten invites, photo albums, a real hardcover book, a stove-top espresso maker, recipe cards, board games, wall calendars, clothes brushes, fountain pens and coming to the door to pick someone up for a date.

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    What are the different types of outdoor advertising?

    It boils down to this: If you post an ad outside the home, it’s considered outdoor advertising. But if you want a more concrete answer, the main types of outdoor advertising include:


    Wild Posting®

    Plaster Your Message Where People Will See It

    COS Wild Posting®

    Want to get wild? Want your latest film, album or fashion show plastered around the highest traffic areas in your target audience’s home turf? We offer you the essential underground guerrilla tactic of Wild Posting®, a.k.a snipes or fly-posting.

    What is it?

    Papering loads of posters on a wall, barricade or building to draw attention through sheer volume and repetition.

    How do you do this form of outdoor advertising?

    Our street teams put posters on barricades, poster boards, basically anywhere you can think of that will draw attention.

    Why is it effective?

    Do you want to wallpaper that piece of open real estate that’s just begging for a vivid splash of your product’s colors in large eye-catching posters? Let’s do it! Legal? Well, yes. (Although the property owner might not love you that much). Old-fashioned is the new en vogue?


    Bulletin Billboards

    A Large Format to Reach a Large Audience

    American Apparel Billboard
    American Apparel Billboard

    Looking to redefine the skyline with big, bold, beautiful Bulletin Billboards? You get to hijack your target’s eye line. You give them your version of the horizon. We get your brand emblazoned on outdoor billboards so you become a fixture in your target’s outdoor visual landscape. You’ll “own” that space 24/7. Your billboard sign is a constant fixture that’s highly visible and super cost effective. From the olden days? Yessiree Bob!

    What is it?

    Those traditional billboards you see along highways, expressways and other high-traffic locations, generally 14 feet high by 48 feet wide.

    How do you do this form of outdoor advertising?

    We find the best locations based on your target audience, and we buy the space from billboard vendors. The artwork offers a chance for your brand’s creativity and smarts to shine – we’ll help you do that, too.

    Why is it effective?

    Bulletin billboards are one of the few “traditional” media still seeing ad spending increases and for good reason. Studies have shown people notice billboards, and they pay attention to them. And you saw what we said about their cost-effectiveness, right? This form of outdoor advertising will never go out of style.



    8 Sheets

    Deliver Your Message to Targeted Neighborhoods

    Diplo 8 Sheets
    Diplo 8 Sheets

    Need to get your brand or event message out on your local neighborhood street? Plaster your 8-Sheets poster campaign along surface streets to keep the whole community in the know of what’s going to be taking place in the area.

    What is it?

    Another form of billboards, posted on regular streets rather than highways.

    How do you do this form of outdoor advertising?

    These paper posters have a 30-day staying power and are inexpensive. Every month you can change your message and keep highly visible to the local market. Yes, paper –it’s cheaper than vinyl.

    Why is it effective?

    With high visibility and less clutter to compete with, 8 sheets deliver your message to an attentive and engaged audience. They also provide a lot of flexibility for advertisers, who can tailor who they want to target across neighborhoods.


    Bus Benches

    Street-Level Attention-Grabbers You Can Sit On

     American Apparel Bus Bench Ad
    American Apparel Bus Bench Ad

    Discover the advantages of using Bus Benches in commuter cities for your outdoor media initiatives. You know where your prospects are living, and we’ve got their bus benches covered…in your brand offering. It’s on street level, there’s a captive audience and you are their constant companion on their daily commute.

    What is it?

    This one’s pretty self-explanatory – ads on the benches you sit on while waiting for the bus.

    How do you do this form of outdoor advertising?

    Target by geographic region or demographics. We secure that ad space from outdoor transit vendors.

    Why is it effective?

    Bus benches tend to be in densely populated areas, where you will reach a lot of people at the street level.



    Mobile Billboards

    Get Your Message on the Move

    Megadeth Mobile Billboard
    Megadeth Mobile Billboard

    Can’t wait to take your brand for a spin? Get your motor running with a big city styling Mobile Billboard.  Your message will be on the move going where your customers are hanging out. A Mobile Billboard is your outdoor media answer to getting your message around town.

    What is it?

    Billboards on the sides of trucks or otherwise on wheels that travel all over town. The creative is generally smaller than bulletin billboards.

    How do you do this form of outdoor advertising?

    We hook you up with a vendor, and we research any restrictions ahead of time. GPS tracking can show you where your board travels throughout the day.

    Why is it effective?

    Mobile billboards, like so many forms of outdoor media, are cost-effective and offer an excellent way to target a specific audience with a time-sensitive message. For instance, imagine telling them about something they can buy on their mobile device as soon as they stop driving.




    Your Ads on Screen With ‘The Avengers’ (and More)

    Be the next forthcoming attraction on the big screen. In-Theater OOH advertising gets you right in front of a receptive audience. They are relaxed, have their buttered popcorn and large soda, waiting patiently for the main feature, and there you are, front and center. This out of home advertising channel is still one of the oldest and most effective methods to connect with your demographic.

    What is it?

    Essentially, commercials inside a movie theater.

    How do you do this form of outdoor advertising?

    You can target geographically or demographically. Theater chains have different ways of buying vs. (increasingly rare) independent theaters. We can get you into either.

    Why is it effective?

    Movies deliver highly engaged audiences. You can integrate content with the film, too, which audiences enjoy.



    Guerilla Advertising

    Grab Attention by Getting Creative

    Adidas Prophere Chalk Stencil

    Adidas Prophere Chalk Stencil

    Wanna go viral? Looking to be shared everywhere? Guerilla Advertising takes you to the streets to re-invigorate wall spaces with graffiti art, mind-blowing projections, wallscapes that mesmerize and street teams that bring your brand to life.

    You enliven old, forgotten spaces with creativity and artistry, drawing smiles and engagement from all who walk past. Press pick up on your masterpieces and social media blows up with your hashtag. Nice!

    What is it?

    Advertising meant to amaze and astonish. It’s the unexpected, outrageous stuff you will tell people about after you see it.

    How do you do this form of outdoor advertising?

    Very carefully and quietly, so as not to tip people off in advance. We know the secrets to guerilla marketing…but we’ll never tell them!

    Why is it effective?

    You will get loads of attention (often press attention) for these stunts. They are fun, and they are generally one of the most inexpensive forms of outdoor advertising.



    Digital Outdoor Advertising

    Animate Your Billboard Message

    New York Digital Billboard Guns N Roses
    New York Digital Billboard Guns N Roses

    Multiply your messages. Digital billboards let you display various brand or product messages throughout the day. Different times of day bring out different types of people and your message can literally change with the time. Maybe you want to live stream? Or match your content to the weather? This tech-injected outdoor billboard media gives you the highest visibility with the flexibility to find the right messaging for your target market.

    What is it?

    Billboards, only digital.

    How do you do this form of outdoor advertising

    The number of digital boards available across the country increases by the day, and we know the vendors.

    Why is it effective?

    It’s eye-catching. It’s creative. And did we mention memorable? Three-quarters of people remember seeing a digital board within the past month, according to a Nielsen study.

    Outdoor advertising doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be smart, and with so many different methods to pick from, you can find the right fit.

    Feeling ready to go outdoors? It’s a perfect day for it. Let’s walk you through the options. Contact us to discuss them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is outdoor advertising?

    Outdoor advertising encompasses any kind of advertising that connects with people outside the home. The most recognizable type of outdoor advertising is billboards, but it also includes other formats, such as transit and theater ads.

    Q. Why is outdoor advertising important?

    We spend nearly three-quarters of our waking hours outside the house. A lot of that time is occupied looking at things around us — the space beside the road when we’re in the car, the sides of a building while we walk into work, the platforms behind us on the subway.

    Advertisers reach a captive audience when they put their ads in these places.

    It’s a non-cluttered environment to deliver timely and efficient messaging — that is, people pay attention when they see your ad.

    Q. Is outdoor advertising effective?


    Obviously we’re going to tell you that — we’re an outdoor advertising agency. So don’t just take our word that outdoor advertising makes a visible impact. Studies have shown that:

    Nearly three-quarters of drivers actively look at billboards while driving

    Almost 60 percent have learned about an event or restaurant they later attended or visited from seeing a billboard

    More than half of people have mentioned a billboard they found humorous in a conversation

    Q. What is digital outdoor advertising?

    Digital advertising includes any form of digital billboard, screen or other type of message delivered outside the home. The top outdoor advertising companies can easily swap out the message on these screens.
    You will often see several different companies advertising on a digital billboard, with the message switching every six to eight seconds. (Here we see another example of why outdoor advertising is effective — 75 percent of people say they remember seeing a digital billboard in the past month, per Nielsen.)

    Q. What are the advantages of outdoor advertising?

    Outdoor advertising’s many advantages include:

    Visibility: People see your message
    Location: You can target people in a specific place
    Proximity: Brands deliver messages as people make decisions
    Frequency: Posting several ads that build on each other reinforces your message
    Cost: It is cheaper than almost any other media
    Branding: Billboards, transit, theater and other locations offer immediate awareness

    Q. How much does outdoor advertising cost?

    That all depends on what you want to buy. One reason why many people choose outdoor advertising is it’s much cheaper to buy than other types of advertising. The cost of reaching a thousand people (CPM) is lower than TV, radio, newspapers and more. This is one reason why outdoor advertising works — it’s fiscally efficient.
    On average, you can buy billboards in New York or Los Angeles starting at $2,000 to $3,000, though that price goes up depending on location, size of the board, etc. And you have to pay production fees for your board on top of that.

    Q. How do I know which type is best for my needs?

    That depends on the goals of your outdoor advertising campaign. If you want to promote an event targeting younger people, then Wild Posting® might be your best bet. But if you want to reach a group of influencers, then a billboard on Hollywood Boulevard might be a better fit. Really, it’s best to reach out to us and tell us what you want to achieve. Then we can direct you to outdoor advertising that will have the biggest impact.

    Q. What is the right time to run an outdoor ad?

    Right now.

    Seriously, while you will find any form of advertising has advantages and disadvantages, there’s no bad time to run an outdoor campaign. It gets crowded during fourth quarter, but so does every form of media, and that’s also a time when you want to get the word out about your awesome product. So consider the advantages of transit advertising or guerilla campaigns over billboards at a busy time of year.
    If you want more outdoor advertising tips or need input on what would work best for your brand, get in touch with DASH TWO. We know just about everything about outdoor advertising, and we’re happy to share our knowledge.