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When it comes to out of home, out of the ordinary is often the best approach. People love to be surprised and amused by the things they see on the side of the road during their commute. They enjoy interactive experiences. They appreciate when a brand goes above and beyond to spread the word.

Our clients often ask us, “What’s something out of the box that we can do to stand out from the rest of the crowd?” A lot of times, they’re envisioning something like the three-dimensional cows that decorate the Chic-fil-A billboards. Those are fun, but we can do so much more.

DASH TWO has the capabilities to do awesome things outdoors like chalk stencils, projections, sidewalk decals, LED digital trucks, wrapped food trucks and, yes, murals and billboards with props, including cows, if that’s your thing.

We can do these things in basically any market, but most often, we get requests for something really different in the top five markets, which is a mixed blessing. There are more opportunities available in big markets, but that also means more competition to draw attention because yours isn’t the only brand that wants to get people buzzing.

Still, you can become the talk of the town when you do something truly out of the box. We came up with unique ideas for every top-five market that can set you apart from everyone else. These are the things we think are the coolest and that we can execute for you. So take a look and imagine the possibilities — we can make them come true.

1. New York

New York
New York – Balenciaga x Fortnite 3D Billboard

The Big Apple is the biggest market in the country, and that means a ton of exciting options you can’t match elsewhere. Here are our four favorites.

Glass Display Trucks

The box portion of the truck includes all-glass sides, so that you can see right into it. You can decorate it to match what you’re promoting, such as the theme of a movie. You can put two or three people in the truck dressed in character, waving to people on the streets. We can park the car on the side of the road to pass out freebies like coffee — the interactive element lifts this stunt’s desirability. You can target by:

  • Street address.
  • Zip code.
  • Neighborhood.
  • Demographics.
  • Competitors.
  • Locations.

Wrapped Coffee or Food Carts

Put your brand on the side of a coffee or food cart, which are all around the city, and reach people on their lunch hours or on the way home from work.

3D Animated Billboards

A 3D billboard is anamorphic, using distortion to make an image appear three-dimensional. Think a lizard “jumping” out of an animated advertisement or giant hands reaching out to “grab” you.

Wrapped and Built-Out Pedi Cabs

Pedi cabs are a distinctly big-city thing, and tourists love being cycled to their destinations in style. Manhattan Rickshaw offers branded and wrapped pedi cabs (imagine a seat made to look like the throne in Game of Thrones).

2. Los Angeles

Los Angeles
Los Angeles – Black Light Mural

The country’s second-biggest OOH market is well known for Sunset Boulevard. Our capabilities go well beyond that, and these are four of our favorites.

Black Light Barricades and Murals

Light up the night with black light barricades and murals that look as though they glow in the dark. It’s a great chance for a brand to set itself apart from the usual wallscapes or digital signage, and it has a nostalgic feel to it.

Backlit Barricades

Barricades are quite the rage in LA. In addition to black light barricades, you can also find backlit ones that highlight your message any time of day while also calling attention because of their unique size and placement on the sidewalk.

Visen LED Billboards

Remember how women’s magazines used to advise readers on “how to go from day to night?” It meant swapping a more demure daytime look for something more daring at night. That’s similar to the idea for Visen LED boards, which allow advertisers to use two different creative approaches. For example, we did this for a billboard for the Beatles a few years ago, with the white creative swapping to a look highlighting the band’s members after sunset. The women’s mags were right — it looked very cool!

Truck With a Pull-Out Stage

The truck with a pull-out stage looks similar to the glass truck, but it includes a box that opens up so that the truck becomes a mini stage where an artist can perform. It’s essentially a portable concert platform great for promoting any type of entertainer.

3. Chicago

Chicago – Wrapped Pedi Cabs

The Windy City has impressive OOH chops. Check out five of our go-to outdoor advertising platforms in the country’s third-biggest market.

Shelter Takeovers With Built-Out Props

Turning a bus shelter into a destination is one way to grab the attention of commuters. And you can do truly amazing things for shelter takeovers these days. For instance, the water park hotel Great Wolf Lodge ran what looked like waterslide tubes above a shelter, while Redd’s Hard Apple placed an apple tree atop another. But the visuals are just one aspect. To create a full sensory experience, brands can also use:

  • Scent machines.
  • Heat lamps.
  • Fans.
  • Dispensers.

Pedi Cab Wraps and Sponsored Rides

Like other markets, in Chicago, you can wrap pedi cabs to reflect a brand, and here you can also prepay for rides, giving people the opportunity to take a pedi cab who otherwise may not have tried it. With, of course, your logo or information splashed across the cab for them to take note of.

Branded Headhouses and Custom Installations

Headhouses provide a sloped cover above subway stations, where thousands of people go in and out every day. Branded headhouses catch the eye with something covering or sitting on top. One promotion, for instance, had a Range Rover perched on the headhouse.

Elevator Wraps

The creative opportunities for elevator wraps in subways are nearly endless. You can do traditional branding of the elevator, paint the floor to make passengers feel like it’s bottomless, or make a fun visual pun using the opening and closing doors.

Tunnel Wraps

Yes, another subway opportunity, this one for the tunnels that commuters travel through. Using a takeover to make the entire tunnel a single theme draws people’s notice.

4. Miami

Miami – Wrapped Food Truck

The country’s fourth-biggest outdoor market has a vibrant beach scene that advertisers can take advantage of. Here are three terrific OOH outlets.

Wrapped Food Truck

While food trucks are available for out of home advertising in all the big markets, we wanted to highlight them in Miami, where the sunny weather and people’s desire to play outside makes food trucks hugely popular. You can brand the truck and choose food that reflects your products or services — fun tie-ins can help people remember your name, too.

Digital Boats

These activations are a lot like mobile billboards, only they cruise the waters of Miami Beach instead of the streets. Digital boats have small boards that can display advertisements or even show movies for a special event where other boats gather.

Guerilla Mural

Available in the Wynwood area only, the murals are works of art that avoid the commercialism of most advertising. The final creative is based on an artist’s rendition of your artwork file.

5. San Francisco

San Francisco
San Francisco – BART Montgomery Street Station Domination

San Franciso is one of the country’s most unique towns, and these three excellent ideas showcase the versatility of the nation’s No. 5 outdoor market.

Station Domination

Available for Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations, a domination basically means spreading your branding all over the station, everywhere the eye can see. It creates an inescapable, extremely memorable immersion. See, for example, this domination from Save the Redwoods that covered every surface from floor to ceiling in the Montgomery Street station.

Branded Cable Cars

Is there anything more quintessentially San Francisco than the cable cars crisscrossing the city? With branded cable cars, you can wrap the trolley’s interior and exterior. Brands can also explore similar opportunities on BART trains and Muni buses.

Branded Pedi Cabs

San Francisco’s version of this favorite can include:

  • Full wraps.
  • Custom upholstery.
  • Panel ads.

Honestly, all of these are just the beginning. We can direct you to dozens of imaginative outdoor advertising ideas in the top five markets. Get in touch today so we can discuss your options.

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