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Consumers today spend more time online than anywhere else, watching videos, using social media, reading email and searching for products they’re interested in. To reach them, you need to be there too, telling them about your brand, capturing leads and making sales. If you’re not investing online, you can bet your competition is.

Digital advertising is what fuels an effective online marketing strategy—how you find and engage with your next paying customer. Meet DASH TWO, a results-driven digital marketing agency. We’re great at what we do—getting your brand, your content and your call to action in front of your buyers, fast.

Cut through the noise, and make connections with the people that matter.

Your buyers interact with your brand across many different channels and devices, and their expectations are high. They want seamless, personalized experiences, whether they’re browsing your website, reading a social media ad or using a phone to place an order. Get it wrong and you waste time, energy and money.

The good news is, digital advertising technology like advanced tracking and dynamic rich media ads make it easier than ever to meet the right people with the right message, at the right time. At DASH TWO, we can help you build a winning strategy to engage your audience across all channels—social, search, video, display and direct—until they’re ready to buy. We cut through the noise, so you can start making connections with the people that matter.

Build a better digital marketing plan, that converts.

Successful digital marketing involves more than simply throwing up an ad or two on social media. Done well, it’s a holistic strategy that can be fine-tuned as you research, manage, track and evaluate your online campaigns. The winning mix of digital ads blends organically with your customer’s online journey, guiding them naturally to your products and services, in a non-intrusive way.

And that’s where we can help—personalizing, tracking and analyzing each interaction so you can build conversations rather than distract from them, nurturing leads until they convert.

Media Buying Services from DASH TWO

Digital advertising is no longer about which channel yields the highest ROI (return on investment), but about engaging your customer at the right time and place with the right message. At DASH TWO, we specialize in the following media buying services, for you to create a fully customized plan that works for you.

Digital Social Advertising. The average Internet user spends nearly 2.5 hours a day surfing social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. What are they doing? They’re looking at pictures, chatting with friends, and yes, shopping. This presents a huge opportunity for you to meet them with your brand message.

With detailed targeting and multiple ad options, we can help you customize the right social advertising strategy to capture leads across demographic, behavioral and geographic data to reach your business objectives fast, whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, send traffic to your website or drive foot traffic to an offline store. The key is relevance—the more specific you get with targeted social ads, the more likely they are to convert. Digital Social Advertising

Digital Search Advertising. Almost every online journey begins with a search engine, like Google or Bing. Consumers may start out knowing exactly what they want, but along the way, they may change their mind—and you have the opportunity to influence their buying decisions.

At DASH TWO, we know that effective search advertising can persuade a website visit, and may even compel a purchase. We’ll help you bid on the most effective keywords, so you can provide the right solution to a would-be customer’s problem and make a sale. Search advertising is a cost effective piece of your digital marketing strategy, and a proven tactic for small businesses looking to compete. Digital Search Advertising

Digital Video Advertising. Storytelling is an art, and video is how to bring your story to life. With the highest click-through-rates of all the digital tactics, video can instantly elevate your online strategy. Digital video advertising resonates with everyone, creating a powerful opportunity to tell your brand story at scale and in context.

The cost to create authentic, powerful video has decreased significantly in the past few years, opening the door for businesses of all sizes. At DASH TWO, we’ll help you create customized video content that resonates with a larger audience in real time in a way that’s meaningful and personal. Digital Video Advertising

Digital Display Advertising. Visual ads made up of text, images, video and more can be placed on a wide range of online media. Done well, digital display advertising builds brand awareness, encouraging users to learn more about your products and services. With robust targeting opportunities, digital display ads are highly flexible, allowing you to reach your audience across multiple devices and channels.

The team at DASH TWO will ensure you’re using best practices, whether you pursue mobile advertising, video display ads, static display ads or some combination of the above. And, with real time conversion measuring, you’ll have exactly what you need to fine-tune your strategy as you interact with your customers at every stage of the marketing funnel. Digital Display Advertising

Digital Mobile Advertising. The reality is, nearly everyone today has a cell phone—smart marketers capitalize on mobile to serve up compelling ads that guide customers looking for deals on the go. In a mobile-first world, allocating a piece of your digital advertising spend to mobile isn’t just smart, it’s necessary to stay relevant.

A long way from annoying banner ads and flashing distractions, today’s mobile ads are sophisticated, enriching user experience though native and dynamic rich media ads, unobtrusive banners, and interstitial (whole screen) ads—varied options that boost user engagement and convert quickly. Digital Mobile Advertising

Digital Direct Advertising. Digital direct marketing brings together two of the most successful marketing techniques of all time: direct consumer marketing and digital. It allows you place your brand message directly in front of your customer instantly, with no printing or postage cost.

The DASH TWO team understands the digital direct landscape—email, mobile and web—and can help you capture online behavioral data to send customized messages to targeted groups with complete performance visibility. Digital Direct Advertising

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