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We can spend an insane amount of time trying to perfect a Facebook ad in the hopes it will bring high conversions. We want to choose the right image that will hook the most amount of people immediately. We’re going to unpack some tips, techniques, and tricks for creative best practices for Facebook ads.

Digital Ad Artworks

Digital Ad ArtworksToday, social media platforms are our modern day digital art galleries. We scroll through the feeds stopping only when a visual image powerfully grabs our attention, stirring an intense emotion.

We want that kind of advert magnetism for your brand. We are visual creatures that feed on images to inspire our lives. We can’t get enough, and it’s our duty as marketers not to ever put out an average image.

We devalue our brand instantaneously as we all know by now the difference between mediocre and masterpiece online. Tell a beautiful brand story in a frame. Show me how to use your product. How will I feel using it? Show me a picture that evokes a sensory experience.

Tips and Tricks

Don’t forget that you can test your images to see which one pulls a crowd. This means you need to have a few variations of each shot to use for testing. Remember we don’t know all of the details about your offering so we can necessarily fill in all the gaps. You need to help us by providing some context. A Hammock photographed in its packaging might not be as effective as seeing a happy family lying on one strung up between two trees.

Here are a few tips for creative best practices:

  • All images have to have a single central focus point. We must know exactly where to look. You can use Carousel ads if you want to have several points of product focus –but they can’t all be in one image.
  • For Mobile, in-app experience screenshots choose only one of the following: gameplay, product listing or stage of the process.
  • If you use more than one person in an e-commerce image, you must make sure there is a clear focal point. Mom and dad are looking at the baby in the center of the image wearing your clothing products. We need to know what is the most important thing to look at in the image.
  • If your product is linked to the travel business, always favor experience shots over text or models. People like to imagine themselves walking along that moonlit beach or languishing by that exotic, sun-drenched pool or spending time in that gorgeous, luxurious suite. You can use a potent CTA or text-overlay to ensure a single focus point.
  • Always tailor your mobile app imagery to correspond to the device the visitor is using and ensure your CTA references their app store choice –iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc.
  • Choose images for your e-commerce Facebook ads that cater to the buying stage of the customer. You can start with branding images and then later move on to showcasing your products.
  • Your images can speak directly to the location of your targeted customer. Reference their particular weather scenario as a jumping off point for your products.

A Perfect Image Needs Great Copy

A Perfect Image Needs Great CopyBut above all make sure your powerful imagery is matched with great copy. Let the text and image “talk” to each other. You don’t want to devalue the image with boring text. Note: no amount of exceptional copy can fix a shoddy image.

Just keep thinking that your Facebook ad is about to hang in the internet gallery – how will you choose to use the wall space for your particular masterpiece?


Need some inspiration? Every night at 11:57 – midnight, Time Square becomes a digital art gallery. It’s called the Midnight Moment, and all of the screens of the electronic billboards become a gallery. You can take a look at some of the past digital exhibitions done by the Times Square Advertising Coalition and curated by Times Square Arts.

Facebook Creative Best Practices inspiration

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