LA Agency DASH TWO Wins First OBIE For Beatles’ Billboard

LA’s DASH TWO, a boutique agency operating at the intersection of digital and OOH ads, has won its first OBIE Award, for its distinctive work on a Beatles’ retrospective campaign. This is the agency’s first nomination for the nearly 80 year-old honor recognizing the advertising world’s strongest players. DASH TWO claimed the silver, facing stiff, established competition.

Winners were feted earlier this week (May 21) in Las Vegas.

“We’re thrilled to have our first nomination result in an award,” says founder and CEO Gino Sesto. “This industry recognition for the kind of creative work we do every day means a lot to our team.”

The winning installation (video OBIE Award) featured two different sets of content on a large LA-area billboard. The content changed according to the time of day, from a bold, simple announcement of the Universal Music release, to a nighttime display of iconic Beatles portraits. The shifting imagery reflected the overall messaging in the campaign in an intriguing, unexpected visual way.

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“OOH has always been known as one of the most exciting and challenging advertising mediums for design and creativity,” said OAAA Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas. “For many creatives, winning an award for OOH design is a true career milestone, and we’re excited to honor those deserving of a coveted OBIE Award.”

There were 134 finalists for this year’s OBIEs.

DASH TWO is a media buying agency based in Los Angeles, delivering expert solutions for the music and entertainment industries. DASH TWO specializes in online and outdoor physical spaces, usually connecting the two, with campaigns including social media ads, PPC help, video creation and outdoor campaigns utilizing billboards, bus benches and wild postings in high-traffic areas.

About the OBIE Awards
The OBIE Awards are one of the oldest and most prestigious honors for creative excellence in advertising. The OBIE name is derived from the ancient Egyptian Obelisk, a tall stone structure that was used to publicize laws and treaties thousands of years ago. Many historians consider the obelisk as the first true form of advertising.

Sometimes a simple idea is enough to express an emotion or message. In fact, sometimes a simple idea can be worth an OBIE Award. These winning campaigns need no explanation, and that’s exactly why they are OBIE Award winners.