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the city

About Los Angeles

Los Angeles, LA, City of Angels, La La Land, Tinseltown — whatever you call it, this city is one of the most sought-after locations for outdoor advertising in the world. You can barely walk 10 feet in LA without coming upon an ad, often next to or on something iconic, whether at the Walk of Fame on Vine Street, the Getty Center or Sunset Blvd. Movies are made here, along with dreams, and from Beverly Hills to the San Fernando Valley, the Los Angeles metro area simply exudes magic.

If you want to pursue billboard advertisements in LA, Orange County or elsewhere in Southern California, let us give you some tips. We know the area (we’re based in Inglewood), and we know the best places to gain exposure and good pricing for digital, mobile and traditional billboards.

the Landscape

Data for Billboard Advertisers in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is the second-biggest city by population in the United States, behind only New York City. Its population is 3.849 million, per most-current Census data, and it has grown and become more diverse over the past decade. Almost half of residents are Latino, and well over half speak a language other than English at home. Two-thirds of residents are in the civilian workforce, including 61% of women, and they’re always in their cars — LA traffic is legendary, which is terrible for the environment but terrific for advertisers.

There are 600 billboards in the Los Angeles market, including a handful of new digital billboards. That puts it in second (again!) to NYC, which has 1,400, but the total is way more than any other city in the state of California.

Here’s a complete demographic rundown on the Los Angeles DMA.

Los Angeles, CAPopulation: 3.849 million

Woman Population


Men Population


Hispanic 48
White 28
Asian 12
Black 9
Other 3



Foreign-born residents:


Persons per household:


Percent who speak a non-English language at home:


High school graduates


Hold at least a bachelor’s degree:


Median household income:



Types of Billboards Available

LA has five main kinds of out-of-home advertising.


Bulletins dot the freeways leading to downtown Los Angeles and from transportation hubs like Los Angeles International Airport, where tourists arrive and head to their hotels. The most common size of billboard, bulletins in Los Angeles appear on all the major interstates, including I-405, I-5, I-710, I-605 and I-10.


Bulletins measure 48 feet wide x 14 feet tall.


Posters are smaller than bulletins, at about half the width, and you find them on surface roads and in neighborhoods in LA proper and throughout Los Angeles County. They generate ample attention but on a smaller canvas. You might hear people call them 30 sheets.

Dimensions +

The majority of posters in LA measure 22 feet wide x 10 feet tall.

Digital Billboard

Digital billboard space has boomed in LA over the past 20 years and even so, it remains limited, especially downtown. That appears to be changing, though. A Metropolitan Transportation Authority plan proposes adding almost 100 more digital boards, and I-5 got its first digital board (located south of East Slauson) in March 2023. You can find them all over, including on Wilshire Blvd. in Koreatown and on the Sunset Strip.

Dimensions +

Digital bulletins measure 48 feet wide x 14 feet tall, but LA has other sizes of digital inventory available.

Mobile Billboard

Mobile billboards travel wherever you need them—special events, sporting venues or simply driving around town to reach a wider swath of people. Measurements vary depending on the size of trucks you use. The versatility of a mobile billboard is unparalleled, and with the absurd traffic in LA, you gain lots of time for drivers to see your display.


Wallscapes do not come in standard sizes. They are messages painted on the side of massive buildings, with a more free-flowing style and creative measuring dozens of stories high. For example, you can find wallscapes on the side of buildings on Santa Monica Blvd., where drivetime down the 3-mile stretch in West Hollywood can take up to 24 minutes during the morning and evening commutes—ample dwell time to get your message seen.

places to advertise

Best Places in Los Angeles to Advertise on a Billboard

Traffic jams can have people sitting for minutes or even hours throughout the city. Based on our experience, here are some of the best locations for Los Angeles billboards:

Sunset Boulevard:

Of course! Sunset’s probably most associated with billboard advertising in LA, and it lives up to the hype. Though inventory is expensive and there’s some clutter, Sunset Strip boards are guaranteed to get notice and often live a second life on social — like when celebrities share snaps of themselves with their billboards. Movie studios, cannabis and music are far and away the most popular categories here.

Mid City:

In central Los Angeles, the Mid City neighborhood is bordered to the south by the Santa Monica Freeway and to the north by Olympic Boulevard, a very in-demand venue for billboard inventory. Best categories here are similar to elsewhere in LA, mostly movie studios, cannabis and streaming or other TV shows.

La Cienega Boulevard:

La Cienega Boulevard has lots of locations to visit, like Restaurant Row and Randy’s Donuts, drawing families and tourists. Top categories include restaurants, lifestyle apparel, music and all types of entertainment.

Figueroa Street:

Another in-demand location for our clients, Figueroa runs into Olympic, also a top place for outdoor advertisements. Speaking of Olympic, watch for even more hype with the 2028 Olympics coming and Arena on Figueroa. The Olympic Committee wants to use it as a Live Site with major pedestrian draw. Top categories include streaming, movie studios, cannabis and sports.

Ventura Blvd.:

Ventura Boulevard is the longest contiguous road of businesses in the country, so it has a built-in target audience of people ready to buy things. The best categories mirror elsewhere in LA, like cannabis and entertainment.


Cost of a Billboard in Los Angeles

Prices for billboards can vary widely throughout LA depending on current demand. Downtown and digital cost a lot more. All prices are for four-week periods (except wallscapes, which stay up longer) and represent recent averages in the market.

The Cheapest Billboards in Los Angeles

Vector 1

Posters: $3,000 to $5,000

Vector 1

Bulletins outside city limits and in low-income neighborhoods: $6,000 and lower

Vector 1

Bulletins downtown but not in the most-sought-after places: $6,000 to $10,000

Vector 2

Digital bulletins on highways: $6,000 to $10,000

The Most Expensive Billboards in Los Angeles

Vector 1

Bulletins on the Sunset Strip: Up to $100,000

Vector 2

Digital bulletins in West Hollywood and downtown: $15,000 to $25,000

Vector 1

Wallscapes: $60,000 and more

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