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Our proven approach to media buying is both simple and powerful. First and foremost, it's grounded in collecting and analyzing relevant data. With a keen understanding of what the numbers are telling us, we proceed to collaborate closely with our clients – continually checking, rechecking and refining to optimize campaigns at every possible opportunity.

The result is a streamlined media plan that's properly positioned for the greatest return on investment. Add this to our pride in consistently meeting tight deadlines, our insistence on extraordinary service, and the experience to work effectively with any budget, and you've got the perfect agency for any media buying challenge.

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flyt - A powerful link shortener,sales tracker,and money maker.

A powerful link shortener, marketing campaign manager and money maker. flyt is here to help you track your campaign's performance from the inside out.

flyt offers conversion tracking for ticket sales, retail, music, device, and location.

Cut Through The Social Media Ad Noise With This Handy Infographic

To help you cut through the dizzying array of social media ad options, Dash Two created an infographic featuring top social networks and their ad offerings. Each option is identified for its most useful advertising goal from clicks to engagement. It …

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Dash Two’s Favorite Digital Tools For Extreme Productivity

Buying media for music and entertainment might sound like a cushy gig but it’s a demanding profession that requires extreme productivity and tools one can count on. So the Dash Two team put their heads together to pick out their favorite tools and ex…

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Music Concert Ticket Sales Data Reveals Surprising Power Of Desktop Over Mobile

By Clyde Smith

Here at Dash Two we collected data from 6 months of music concert ticket sales to create an infographic with some surprising revelations. In particular, ticket sales on desktops far outweigh sales on mobile devices. While t…

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