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                                                                          Most effective outdoor advertising options for the urban markets?

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It’s finally done. RUDI is our new online reporting tool. As our clients, you’ll be able to have real-time access to your online advertising campaigns all in one spot. There’s no more need to wait for reports or to go through emails searching for past campaigns. With RUDI, you’ll be able to view all historical data to help you decide your next campaign strategy.

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Contact Us:

Give us a ring at (310) 494-0480

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The next revolution will be happening on TV. Yes, we said that.

Lighten up your workload by letting us plan, implement and manage all your ad runs.

Terrestrial or satellite, syndicated or local shows, we can book your radio spots for you.

We can place your ads in any print publications: domestic or international.

Interested in putting your message outside on a billboard, bench, wall or automobile but don’t know where to start?


We take our jobs seriously here.  We operate as if we’re an extension of your team. We’re quick to respond and available around the clock. We’ll find ways to save you money by getting you the best rates across all media outlets – our strong industry relationships allow us to do this. There’s no bull-shitting anywhere within or outside our office and we believe in being transparent with you. We love what we do.


If we have all the assets, your ads will run on time.  Nothing is more frustrating than being left in the dark as to where your advertising dollar is going or how your ads are performing. With us, you’ll get peace of mind because we’ll monitor your campaigns like a hawk and give you a full recap with campaign specifics at the end. We plan and execute hundreds of campaigns a year. Our experience and our commitment to you matters.


Did we mention we’re quick? Getting back to you as quickly as possible is a top priority for us. We’ll answer your questions, send over proposals, and set-up campaigns – even if it means working during our lunch breaks or emailing you back at 12 AM.  We’ll set up campaigns efficiently, respond to emails speedily, and update you on the status of your campaigns consistently. We will be there for you when you need us. We love what we do.

We Love Our Clients.

Warner Sound


“DASH TWO is the ONLY vendor we trust when we’re running ad campaigns – whether it’s TV, Outdoor, or Digital, they always get us the best spots and do it in a super timely fashion with a great attitude the whole way through. I can’t say enough positive things about working with them – they make things super simple and are extremely effective.”

Thom S., Fueled by Ramen

“Although DASH TWO has only been around for 4 years, I have had Gino Sesto do all of my media buys for well over a decade. Obviously, price is a primary concern and DASH TWO not only seems to be able to stretch my dollar the furthest, but they also have amazing input and feedback that allows me to perfect my buy.”

Brian S., President/CEO RBC Records

“It always is a pleasure working with the team behind DASH TWO. They are a creative, diligent and inspiring agency. Their reach crosses through hip hop, rock and pop genres to ensure the best execution for a project.”

Chris H., eOne Music

“Dash TWO is a data-driven and results-oriented operation and their expertise makes your marketing more efficient. Plus, Gino can destroy you in a rap battle.”

Jay H., Nederlander Concerts

“DASH TWO has been a great asset in our advertising efforts as we continue to try and spread the Strange Music message. We’ve been working with DASH TWO for more than 5 years now and look forward to the continued partnership in the future.”

Travis O., President/CEO Strange Music, Inc.

“It is so rare that you can find a vendor that becomes an invaluable business partner because of their competence and reliability. DASH TWO is said rarity. Just hire them.”

Rick G., Rick Goetz Consulting

“When “Harlem Shake” really started to take off we needed someone to help us harness the wild energy around the videos and turn that into direct sales through iTunes. We reached out to Gino at DASH TWO and he was able to come up with a balanced plan that we continually tweaked in order to maximize returns on the dollar. Many thanks to the whole team at DASH TWO for a successful campaign!”

Jasper G., Mad Decent