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First, what is Apple Music?

Through Apple Music, artists can now share and personalize content directly with their fans. Simply put, it is a means of connecting with fans and sharing audio, videos, and pictures

What can you do with Apple Music?    

  • Tap into your audience
  • Connect with fans and post personal updates
  • Share redirecting links to purchase albums, singles, tickets etc.
  • Share your music and playlists with other music lovers

What does this all mean?

All existing links to artists, albums and songs opening to the iTunes store will now automatically open up in Apple Music.  Which means, you will be affected if the sole purpose of your link is to sell a single or album.  Instead of being directed to the store, you will be directed to the artist’s profile more or less.  However to remain connected to the iTunes Music Store, you can do so by simply altering your existing link by adding “?app=itunes” to the end of the link. For example:

Directing to Apple Music

Directing iTunes Music Store:

If you wish to create a new link for Apple Music, you can do so by using Link Maker and searching for the artist, album or song.  You will have access to Apple badge art and more information on Apple Music and Apple guidelines.

DASH TWO can help you advertise your music online with Apple Music.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.  Otherwise, stay tuned for more DASH TWO updates!

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