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An Alternative to Google TrueView Video Ads

by Dash Two Staff

Google has recently rolled out with a beautiful, new ad unit that is able to showcase multiple YouTube videos and images, all within a rich, multi-screen optimized experience!

The user can click or hover over regular Google Display banners, and automatically receive a full page experience with multiple different videos, as well as a variety of Call-to-Actions. Known as Lightbox Engagement Ads, these rich media ads were designed to harness the targeting power of the Google Display Network, in a more premium, powerful, and engaging format.

For brands, this means that we’re able to promote multiple products within one Lightbox Engagement Ad or be specific in showcasing the features of any individual product or service. For labels, the opportunities are numerous to engage fans and reach out to new audiences. Among some of the creative measures we can take to engage music fans include the facilitation of track sampling for upcoming releases and the presentation of new artists on a label’s roster.

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