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In a normal year, your calendar would be filled with college and high school graduations and Father’s Day celebrations this time of year. You’d be carefully wrapping a big present for your favorite grad or dad, getting ready for a lazy barbeque that lasts long into the night.

But 2020 has been anything but normal, and so instead you’ve maybe attended a few Zoom graduation parties (not the same) with “Pomp and Circumstance” playing in the background, or FaceTimed your dad a quick “hello” (because, social distancing — you can’t even give him a hug).

Don’t our graduates deserve more? They’ve faced unprecedented circumstances, persevering through a global pandemic to achieve their academic aims. That’s pretty impressive. Young people should be celebrated for showing such determination and mettle. And so should fathers, many of who have been separated from their loved ones for months.

If you want to get the people you care about something really special, consider buying a billboard to celebrate a person you love. Can you actually purchase billboard space to celebrate a graduation or father’s day? Yep.

In other years, it might be harder to pull off. But this year, a perfect storm of increased inventory, lower cost and sudden demand for gift creativity are combining to create an excellent opportunity to commemorate special occasions with your very own billboard

Here’s the backstory on why it’s the right time to buy and how to go about doing it.

Why Does a Billboard Make a Good Gift?

Big occasions call for big gestures. Whether you have a niece getting her doctorate or want to honor your dad’s milestone 50th Father’s Day, you want to deliver a memorable gesture your loved one will remember. A billboard checks all the boxes:

  • It’s big: Your loved one will definitely notice this splashy tribute
  • It’s exclusive: You can feel confident no one else will get your favorite person the same gift
  • It’s once-in-a-lifetime: This is the type of present someone will remember forever — they’ll share it on social media and see it in their memories each year, reflecting on what a special moment you provided

Graduates get a lot of boring gifts. Let’s be honest — has anyone ever gotten excited about getting a briefcase or a copy of an “inspirational” graduation book? No. And enough with the Father’s Day ties, already.

By contrast, billboards are fun. Your grad (or dad) can bring people to see the personal tribute to them for days. They can post about it on social media. They can feel special in a way that will last.

Can I Buy a Billboard for My Graduate or Dad?

In a word, yes, but let’s take a more in-depth look at why.

Anyone can buy a billboard if they have enough money to pay for it. You need to understand the basics of how billboards function. Vendors own the billboards and sell space on them. Most billboards are owned by one of the big companies, including Lamar, Outfront Media and Clear Channel Outdoor.

To purchase space, you can go through the vendor or you can use an agency. Agencies generally have preexisting relationships with the vendors, making the process easier. You will enjoy more negotiating power with an agency, which understands the best places to buy and knows what a good price is.

The majority of the country’s more than 360,000 billboards are sold in four-week increments.

Why Buy a Billboard Right Now?

No matter where you live across the country, you’ve probably been under some type of stay-at-home order during the past few months. As you return to normal life, you’ve probably also noticed that there are more open billboards than you saw before the pandemic began. The crisis prompted many advertisers to reassess their budgets, which has left gaps in inventory. That means it’s the perfect time for you to step in and buy.

Demand for billboards has ebbed, but that won’t continue for long. Many advertisers want to ramp up spending as the country reopens to bring consumers back to their stores. They will soon snap up the empty billboards, so you should act quickly to reserve a spot for a graduation or for Father’s Day next month.

Contact us for a Quote on a Billboard

    What Should You Say on Your Grad or Dad Billboard?

    You have the chance to send a very personal message via a very public venue. That’s pretty cool. How do you want to communicate your pride? Every family has their own unique way of showing love. Maybe yours is demonstrative and flowery, or maybe you prefer sarcasm. You can translate whatever you feel most comfortable with to a billboard. Here are some ideas:

    • Graduates: You will want a photo of them in cap and gown, of course, and messaging that congratulates them on graduating from XXX Prestigious Institution. You may want to include a picture from their childhood or a favorite family quote. Pet pictures are always a great addition, too.
    • Fathers: You can’t go wrong with a cheesy old picture of dad alongside his corniest favorite dad joke. For more sentimental power, try a recent image of dad and his grandkids or a first-time dad and his child.

    Whatever creative you settle on, be sure to accompany your grad or dad when they see the billboard for the first time. You don’t want to miss that priceless reaction. Need help securing your celebratory billboard? Contact DASH TWO for assistance.

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