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by Miguel Jimenez

With over 425 million Gmail users (including 5 million business, and 66 of the top 100 US universities),  Google’s latest feature will create a huge impact in our ability to target our ads to the right people. Using a tool called Customer Match, Google will allow you to upload a list of valuable emails from people you know are intrinsically interested in what you have to say. This way we can target them across Google services such as Google Search, YouTube TrueView, and G-Mail campaigns.

How does it work?

Using lists you’ve compiled from online sales, or newsletter sign ups, you can upload a list that gives you the ability to target these customers so long they have a Gmail account or they use Gmail to sign in to their inbox with their non-Gmail addresses. Gmail only addresses will be required when targeting users via G-Mail campaigns.

Companies won’t be able to necessarily create profiles for specific individuals, but rather use the lists to also collect the overall habits of the users such as Search and YouTube viewing histories. This information will be collected is in addition to knowing that your list is is made up of users you know love your brand. Google will both compile this information and target your consumer, when he or she is signed into their account and either browsing or checking their inbox. There is also the ability to exclude an uploaded audience so you can ensure you only reach new customers, and in certain instances, Google will also create similar audiences.  So what’s the wait?

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