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You’ve been running ads on all fronts—Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—and you’re constantly wondering if there are any other platforms or features that you should be utilizing, or that you’re missing out on. If that sounds like you, please read on. Since the last time we chatted, there have been a few noteworthy changes in the advertising space that we thought you might be interested in.  

1. Facebook Multi-Product Ads.

Considered the new golden child in the long line of Facebook ad types, Multi-Product Ads are crisp, beautiful promoted posts that feature three or more products within a single ad unit, on both desktop and mobile news feeds.

The genius thing about these ads is that each product is able to have its own photo, description, and click-through URL. For the music industry, this means that your audience will have a chance to browse through your artist photos or album art within a few seconds. It will also enable you to advertise multiple albums, singles, videos, or tours simultaneously and within one ad. Since you are now showing three products for one single impression, your cost per acquisition will decrease while click-through rate will most likely increase due to a more refreshing and vibrant look of the Facebook Multi-Product Ads.

In recent tests, Facebook confirmed that some campaigns, utilizing multi-product ads, observed a 42% raise for click-through rate and a 42% to 45% decrease in cost per acquisition. Since promoted posts and sponsored stories have become much more common in the average users’ newsfeeds, this is a great way to stand out visually as well as to effectively pique the interests of your audience.

Currently, Multi-Product Ads are only available via selected Facebook partners and not opened widely to the public yet. So if you’d like to seize the moment and be among the first to try this new shiny toy out, send us a line and we will walk you through the process. Want more information? Call or email us any time!

2. Pinterest Ads

As a female-dominated platform that plays into the visual and crafty aspects of certain products, Pinterest is still a new player in the digital advertising world. The Pinterest team is working with only a few select brands to refine and beta-test their ad products.
If you’re looking to target a more visually-enticed audience, Pinterest might just be the right platform for you to explore. With approval, the sign-up process can take a couple of weeks and then campaigns can launch almost immediately.

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