Afterpay Los Angeles Experiential Mural Campaign

Afterpay Ice Cream Truck


The Client


Murals, one in Los Angeles and New York


Influencers Attended


Million Social Media Impressions

About the Client

Afterpay is a financial services company owned by Block, Inc., that lets people “buy now, pay later” by splitting payments into four interest-free installments. Since its founding in 2014, Afterpay has amassed more than 24 million customers, and more than 348,000 merchants use the platform across the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK (where it is called Clearpay).


Build Brand Awareness + Increase App Downloads

For this experiential marketing campaign, the client had a goal of raising brand awareness in Los Angeles and New York. It also wanted to drive app installations and attract new customers.

Afterpay New York Mural

Creating memorable Brand Experience with Afterpay Campaign

The challenge we faced in developing this campaign was creating a memorable brand experience — luckily, it’s literally our job to generate these ideas every day, and we thought of something that really made Afterpay stand out.


Creative Ice Cream-Themed Afterpay Wall Mural

Our campaign idea played on a description Afterpay has used to help people understand the purpose of the service: It’s like eating a whole carton of ice cream in one sitting but spreading all the calories you consumed over six weeks.

With that mental imagery in mind, we brainstormed a three-pronged approach to make a splash in the LA and NYC markets:
Paint two colorful murals on NYC and LA buildings celebrating the Afterpay “eating the whole carton” metaphor, creating a place where people could take pictures to share on social media.

Send an ice cream truck distributing free treats to the LA mural.

Install a scent machine at the mural to attract people by smell, adding dimension to the campaign by appealing to several senses at once (smell, taste, sight).

Chick Taking Pic Afterpay Ice Cream Truck Chick Taking Pic Afterpay

Targeted Reach

Roughly 150 influencers helped generate 12.7 million social media impressions for Afterpay, sparking a 3,000 percent gain in organic reach for the brand.


NYC, LA Street Campaign Success

The campaign took place in May and June in New York City and Los Angeles. Coming out of pandemic restrictions, people were excited to be out on the streets and interacting again, and they welcomed the return of fun and unexpected street campaigns.

Our behind-the-scenes work included sourcing:

Sites for the murals
-Buildout of fabrications for the LA mural
-Scent machine, which we put in a 10x12x14-foot box that weighed 10 pounds and was bolted to the building wall

While the ice cream truck was a one-day affair, the murals stayed up for four weeks. We also created a video about the campaign using footage shot by a drone.


Wall Mural Placement: Exceptional Reach Achieved

The campaign met its goals and then some. Afterpay achieved advertising value equivalent to millions of dollars thanks to the additional reach from the huge number of social media impressions. We gave away lots of ice cream, and Afterpay saw an uptick in app downloads during the campaign.


Hand Painted Murals


Social Media Influencers


Million Social Media Impressions

Sunset Blvd Afterpay Mural

Unique, Fun, Successful

Experience pays off every time for the client. Our expertise in sourcing OOH placements and project management made some things a breeze that could have been real headaches for a less-experienced agency (i.e., dealing with several vendors for the scent machine, fabricating the buildout, liaising with different vendors for LA and NYC, securing approval from building owners).

“Creating this campaign was a blast from start to finish. People loved the free ice cream, and the message resonated because it built on a campaign line that Afterpay had already embraced. All the elements came together beautifully.”

-Gino Sesto, founder & CEO, DASH TWO
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