Door Dash MLS Wild Posting® Campaign

Door Dash Wild Posting Campaign


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Door Dash

The Client

About the Client

DoorDash, Inc., is a San Francisco-based online food ordering and food delivery platform. It targets Gen Z and Millennials as well as busy parents of young kids searching for a convenient solution for food and grocery deliveries.


Getting MLS Fans to Use Door Dash

In March 2022, DoorDash became the official on-demand delivery platform of Major League Soccer (MLS), MLS NEXT and MLS. When the 2022 All-Star Game took place in St. Paul in August 2022, the company wanted an outdoor activation in St. Paul and sister city Minneapolis to raise awareness of its MLS ties. We knew soccer-themed Wild Posting® throughout the city could do the trick.

The client wanted to blanket downtown Minneapolis with the Wild Posting® flyers, as well as hitting two MLS-related places
Loews Hotel (601 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis), MLS’s in-market hotel
Allianz Field (400 Snelling Ave N, St Paul), where the All-Star Game took place

MLB Soccer Wild Posting

Research-driven campaign in new market

Minneapolis was a new-to-us market that doesn’t typically host Wild Posting® campaigns. When you enter a new market, you want to limit your posts to sites that won’t cause disruptions to attentive landlords. That required a good deal of research.
Our team looked across the city to find feasible locations near the target addresses to drive awareness of the brand and its new partnership during All-Star weekend, which drew soccer fanatics from across the country to the area and offered a good chance to draw attention with the MLS tie-in.


Wild Posting® Made the Campaign

DoorDash had a limited budget. We knew that the reach and frequency provided by Wild Posting® could meet its brand awareness goals while costing less than billboards or wallscapes, other popular options in big cities.

Door Dash Wild Posting

Minneapolis Reach

Door Dash achieved over 10,000 likes and 500 social shares for this launch.

Door Dash Wild Posting
Wild Posting Minneapolis

Dash Two scouted out the high traffic areas of Minneapolis

We deployed the Wild Posting® at 22 locations, including along East Lake Street, West Broadway Avenue, Washington Avenue and Hennepin Avenue. The campaign ran from August 1 to August 14.


Placement of the mural outside a dog park led to exceptional outcomes.

The client was thrilled with the results. The campaign delivered 10,672,480 estimated contracted impressions and 11,739,728 estimated delivered impressions. And DoorDash workers stayed very busy making deliveries during the All-Star Game!


Instagram Likes


Social Shares



Wild Posting Door Dash

Unique, Fun, Successful

When you post in a new market, there’s always an element of uncertainty. But we found Minneapolis/St. Paul to be a fantastic place for a campaign. The client reported the Wild Posting® posters were in great condition and looked fantastic.
Having been in the Wild Posting® space for more than 15 years, we consider ourselves experts within the medium. That said, guerilla campaigns are tricky and can be a headache. Not every team can handle the adjustments that come with such an undertaking. Having a smart and experienced team like us to execute such a campaign can save a client a lot of headaches.

“Thank you for all your help getting the wild postings up and running — they looked great!”

— Carly Samp, manager of sports partnership marketing at DoorDash
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