Brantley Gilbert, The Devil Don’t Sleep


DASH TWO provided media buying services for Brantley Gilbert’s 2017 “The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour.” Ads were designed to produce direct ticket sales in numerous mid-level markets. These buys required the ability to thinly slice a budget and led to a

2X ROI from social media and Google Search ads.

Promoters for popular country star Brantley Gilbert turned to DASH TWO to help promote “The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour” in a wide range of B and C markets such as Madison, Wisconsin and Boise, Idaho. They wanted a digital ad buy to reach possible ticket buyers leading directly to sales.

One of DASH TWO’s specialties is the ability to effectively segment and reach numerous markets via a wide range of digital channels while maximizing ROI on actual sales. This ability is based on both extensive experience and proprietary software that enables DASH TWO to quickly evaluate campaigns in motion and adjust as needed providing daily reports along the way.

Brantley Gilbert tour promoters requested buys on Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube and Twitter as well as managed placements on such country music websites as The Boot and CMT. Targeting initially emphasized followers of Brantley Gilbert, followers of similar artists or visitors to country music websites.

DASH TWO tracked results using proprietary software developed for that purpose including their flyt url shortener and RUDI reporting system. As expected, Google Search and Facebook were the most effective channels for reaching ticket buyers. DASH TWO quickly adjusted the buy to focus on geo-targeted Google Search and Facebook ads.

With Google Search DASH TWO focused on capturing people as they were actively seeking information on country music concerts, Brantley Gilbert’s new album, Brantley Gilbert’s concert and any other search that included Brantley Gilbert. The call to action emphasized that tickets were on sale and that they could click to purchase.

On Facebook DASH TWO initially targeted fans of Brantley Gilbert and similar artists. As the final sales date approached fans of country music in general were more broadly targeted.

result 30As a result, each of these two channels individually contributed over 30% of ticket sales.

google facebook searchGoogle Search and Facebook dramatically outperformed the others with a 4X ROI via Google Search and a 3X ROI from Facebook. In contrast Twitter had a negative ROI.

DASH TWO’s expertise in targeting fans and deep ability to reallocate ad spends on the fly allowed them to take a relatively broad campaign, fine tune it in response to live data and increase ROI by rapidly adjusting to the response of ticket buyers. In the process, DASH TWO helped Brantley Gilbert’s winter/spring “The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour” achieve such high ticket sales that a summer leg of the tour was added for excited fans.

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