What are 8-Sheets ?

8-Sheets – Also known as Junior Posters are 6’x12′ Mini-Billboards  that target local communities.  8-Sheets are the ideal Outdoor Advertising format for clients with limited budgets that also want to have a strong reach campaign


DASH TWO has successfully executed numerous 8-Sheets campaigns for clients across diverse sectors. These campaigns have proven effective for Political Campaigns, Fashion Clients, Music Clients, and Cannabis businesses, among others.

The substantial advantages of posters highlighted here distinctly position this outdoor advertising format ahead of others, offering significant benefits for brands and campaigns.


Shy Glizzy 8-sheet Vertical

How 8-Sheets/Posters Can Help You


You can execute a powerful 8-Sheet campaign at a fraction of the cost compared to many other advertising methods.


8-Sheets are plentiful and provide extensive targeting flexibility based on zip code, radius, street, neighborhood, and specific point locations.


The more an ad is seen, the better it’s remembered. Repeated exposure enhances memory, increasing the likelihood of recalling specific details like a politician’s name or an event’s date advertised in the ad.


Through repeated and targeted impressions, 8-Sheets offer advertisers excellent branding opportunities.

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Examples of 8-Sheet Poster Campaigns

8-Sheets work for a variety of products and services. This form of outdoor advertising works for anything from Alcohol to Cosmetics.  Posters work well for clients that have a specific objective and limited budgets.


The Rolling Stones 8-sheets

Record Labels

The Rolling Stones' record label utilized 8-Sheets for promoting their new record release, "Blues and Lonesome."

Avión Silver Tequila 8-Sheets


8-Sheets enable alcohol brands to achieve hyper-targeting near liquor stores and markets. Avión Silver Tequila utilized their 8-Sheets for branding purposes in this way.

Alzheimers Association Event 8-Sheets


The 2023 Walk to End Alzheimer's in Los Angeles utilized 8-Sheets to raise awareness and drive registrations, resulting in their most successful year to date.

Dermalogica 8-Sheets


Dermalogica strategically placed 8-Sheets to enhance awareness of their availability in ultra locations.

LA LGBT Center 8-Sheet

Social Justice/ Political

LA LGBT Center's 8-Sheets Campaign directs users to HIV testing at freetesting.org, leading to record submissions.

American Apparel 8-Sheet


American Apparel leveraged Jr Posters to relaunch their brand, achieving remarkable levels of awareness through this campaign.

Typical Cost of 8-Sheets

The price of 8-Sheets is surprisingly low. We believe that 8-Sheets offer the most cost-effective pricing for out-of-home advertising. Request Quote

Insider Knowledge

Running a quality 8-Sheet campaign is something that DASH TWO does every day.  Having a insider on your side is what we do.

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