GUERRILLA ADVERTISING - Hijack People’s Attention With the Bold and Unexpected

What is guerrilla advertising?

Guerrilla ads are anything that falls outside the traditional realm of outdoor advertising designed to grab attention in a creative way.

Go all the way back to the “Wanted” posters in the Old West – guerrilla advertising has a long history because it’s an effective way to shock people into noticing your message.

Guerrilla Advertising
Guerrilla Advertising

It encompasses so many different things:

  • When you find advertising in an unanticipated place, that’s guerrilla advertising.
  • When you encounter an ad so big, so bright or so loud it can’t be ignored, that’s guerrilla advertising.
  • When you find yourself in the midst of a flash mob or what almost seems like a practical joke promoting a product, that’s guerrilla advertising.

What constitutes an effective guerrilla advertising campaign? Imagination is the key ingredient, of course. You need something unique that people haven’t seen before. Guerrilla advertising also requires the energy and focus to carry it out, in addition to having the right audience in mind.

This is still advertising, after all, and you don’t just want attention for attention’s sake. You want attention that drives people to take action. And that’s where DASH TWO can assist you.

We Come up With Guerrilla Plans That Work

Like the warfare tactics that inspired its name, guerrilla advertising is unconventional. The best execution involves putting ads in surprising places. Think a dollar bill you get for change at the drugstore that, you are shocked to discover, has a sticker on top of George Washington’s face advertising an upcoming album from your favorite artist. Or arresting chalk art on a wall or sidewalk.

These tactics work because you make an impression. And these days, making an impression also means a secondary way to build buzz – spreading to social media.

People post about things they find clever and amusing, even if it’s advertising. This creates another channel for your ad and increases the possibility it will go viral. An ad may receive coverage in newspapers, magazines and trades thanks to social media.

Use DASH TWO for Your Guerrilla Advertising

Why should you trust us with your next guerrilla undertaking? We are the outdoor advertising experts, and that includes alternative methods like guerrilla marketing.

We execute guerrilla campaigns with arresting concepts that get people excited. We talk to our clients to determine their aims, their style, their budget.

Then we come up with ways to reach their target audience using original ideas.

The best guerrilla advertising becomes an experience. It’s something people talk to their friends about and remember days after they’ve seen it. Keep in mind that high impact doesn’t have to mean high cost, either. Some of the most efficient guerrilla options simply use everyday things in a creative manner rather than spend loads of money to manufacture something new. With a few added accessories, a lamp post on a street corner turns into a stick of licorice, for example.

Does guerrilla advertising sound like something you’d like to explore for your brand? Contact DASH TWO today to discuss your needs, and let’s make a plan together. Get ready to have some fun.


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