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Running a successful business today demands more than having a great product or service. Digital advertising is an important piece of the puzzle, which is why it’s so important to choose the right ad agency.

A top-notch digital advertising agency can help you create, manage and drive an online media strategy that helps your business grow, turning casual browsers into paying customers.

Marketing in the digital age can be complicated—finding a trusted, competent partner is priority one. How do you find the right ad agency? And, how much should you expect to pay for quality services? Here’s some information to get you started, with tips on how to find the right digital ad agency to fit your needs and budget.

Identify your digital advertising goals, and then decide what you need.

digital advertising goalsBefore jumping into digital marketing, it’s a good idea to have a plan. Taking time to identify what you want to get out of digital media will help you choose the kinds of services you need from a digital agency.

Maybe you have a stellar website, but few visitors. A smart digital ad campaign can help you boost traffic, getting more eyeballs on your highest converting content. Maybe traffic isn’t the problem, conversions are. The right advertising with messaging that resonates with your targeted audience can help you close the deal.

Whether it’s engaging with customers on social media or tempting them with a compelling video ad before they buy, identifying your digital advertising goals beforehand will make it easier to find an agency that can customize an online strategy that will deliver the results you need.

Learn how digital agencies charge, and budget accordingly.

Knowing what you need digitally is just the beginning—you still need to work it into the budget. What should you expect to pay? Costs for digital marketing vary quite a bit. The good news? Expertise is accessible, even for small companies on a budget. Reputable agencies offer a wide range of services and fee structures that can be built into a customized plan.

Typical fees for digital ad services vary depending on agency size, reputation, and even company location. However, fee structure, or how digital agencies charge generally falls into one of three categories:

  • Hourly
  • By project
  • Percent of media spend

digital agency budgetWhich fee structure is best? It depends on your needs. Hourly fees, for example are usually determined by the service itself and can be great for work with defined parameters like creating social media ad content or designing a banner ad. However, if you’re looking to build an entire campaign, with content creation, data analysis and strategy, a project fee may be more appropriate.

With many different elements involved in building and maintaining a successful digital media presence, hourly and per project billing can sometimes be limiting. The best agencies work with clients to create a customized fee structure that fits their budget. For example, rather than pay a flat fee or hourly, clients pay an agency fee or small percentage of media spend.

Work smarter, not harder with social advertising that converts.

Social media advertising is everywhere. And for good reason—it works. But while most businesses throw ads on every channel, smart businesses know how to engage their customers where it makes sense.

The key in creating a winning social ad strategy is knowing what and who you’re looking for—this is where a competent digital agency is invaluable.

Social channels are diverse. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more, creating tons of opportunities to invest advertising dollars. But it takes a strategy to pick the right channels and specific ad types that will deliver the results you want. An agency with expertise can help you navigate the world of paid social quickly and effectively, ensuring you work smarter, not harder with a social ad campaign that converts.

ROI with targeted adsGet the best ROI with targeted ads.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to be on every social channel—in fact, it’s not even recommended. There are unique characteristics to every channel, that when aligned with your business needs, goals and budget can be optimized to get the return you’re looking for.

In general, Facebook and Twitter provide the best ROI across the board for most paid advertising. Digital-savvy consumers expect to see a presence here—at least for the businesses they’re interested in. Of course, every business is unique, which is why setting the ad strategy right from the beginning is so important.

A qualified digital ad agency can help you choose the right channels, and target the audience that’s looking for your products or services. For example, Pinterest is a visual channel, with upper income women making up a primary demographic. It’s the perfect place for a bakery or high-end fashion line to invest time and energy, where photographs and visually compelling content play a critical role in showcasing the brand.

Instagram is visual too, but the demographic audience is far younger and advertising needs to strike a different tone. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each channel and building a social ad strategy that aligns with your business takes experience, and is a key part of maximizing social media advertising ROI.

When results matter, Choose DASH TWO.

Results are everything—and the online advertising strategy you create is only as good as the digital agency you choose. With new agencies popping up every day, finding one who is trusted with a stellar reputation is more important than ever. An award-winning, results-driven digital agency, DASH TWO is proud to offer the following:

  • A powerhouse team with expertise in the science of digital
  • An outstanding website with examples and work on display
  • Innovative, in-demand tools and the skills to use them
  • Cost effective, customized solutions to fit every budget

At DASH TWO, our top priority is making sure your digital advertising strategy is a primary driver of your success, whether it’s building your social media marketing plan from scratch, or simply creating buzz for your brand. We’re experts at what we do, and we have the team to get it done.

Ready for digital advertising that can move the needle for your brand?

Give us a call, we’re here to help.

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