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Lately, we have been conversing a lot about online advertising and its ever changing digital trends, so today’s topic is on outdoor advertising – What works and what are the most cost-effective outdoor advertising strategies in the Los Angeles and New York urban markets.

In short:

For LA, snipe posters, 8-sheet posters and benches are the most effective methods.  Reasons being that LA residents and commuters have longer commute time in their cars and on public transportation.  For NY, snipes and dioramas are highly recommended due to the longer times residents spend in public transit and walking.  The listed methods are our personal recommendations based on cost-effectiveness and budgeting, however attached is a deck of our full outdoor advertising services along with picture examples above.

Our Recommendations:

  • Snipe posters, 8-sheet posters, and benches for LA market
  • Snipe posters and Dioramas for NY market

1. Snipe posters (NY & LA):

Snipe posters are street advertisements that are posted along the streets in pairs of 2-6 posters. These posters are considered aggressive, unorthodox, youthful, and take form of guerrilla marketing. The aim is to obtain maximum exposure while avoiding the fixed, commercial look of regular billboards.

2. Eight-sheet posters (LA):

These eight-sheet posters are able to take place on smaller structures in high traffic areas. They are typically located on primary and secondary traffic zones to optimize on vehicular traffic and pedestrians. Designed to be mass produced and posted in multiple locations, they can flood the market all at once and increase your branding exposure in short turnover time.

3. Benches (LA):

Public benches are a great advertising medium because of its cost-effectiveness. In addition, there is the opportunity to target benches demographically – reaching the right people in the right places. Geo-targeting can be very valuable to campaigns that want to reach certain groups within the local community. Moreover, public benches have the ability to grab attention of a variety of people on the go and at all hours of the day.

4. Dioramas (NY):

Dioramas are considered transit advertisements. They take place in subways, station platforms, airports, etc. Dioramas work well in urban areas because of its ability to reach business professionals, the general public, and commuters in a captive setting. Dioramas are highly effective in high public commuter areas such as downtown centers.

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