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Avión Tequila Seher One Billboard

Avión Tequila

The Client


Total impressions generated


Sales boost


Rise in organic social media conversations

About the Client

Avión Tequila is a global tequila brand made in a traditional, authentic way, crafted from 100% blue agave harvested in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. This artisanal approach creates a smooth and rich flavor profile that distinguishes Avión from other tequilas. The distilled alcohol manufacturer’s primary audience is adults 25-40.


Promote a new partnership with a high-profile artist

In mid-2022, Avión introduced a new collectors edition canister designed by Seher One, a Mexico-based street artist. He specializes in large illustrations with an authentic Mexican flair and is recognized globally as one of the most promising Mexican urban artists. As part of a greater partnership with artists worldwide, Avión invited him to create a collectors edition canister inspired by the notion of living without border

Avión Tequila Seher One Los Angeles Wall Mural

Finding inventory in urban residential areas that allowed alcohol advertising

Out of home advertising for alcohol always proves a challenge as inventory must be zoned for it — that is, it can’t be too close to a school or other place where people under 21 will see it. Avión tasked us with finding inventory in urban residential areas of the Los Angeles and Atlanta target markets that allowed alcohol advertising. Our team’s search for suitable units also meant finding inventory in places that indexed high in the client’s target demographic of adults 25-40.


Using a mural creates an eye-catching statement inspired by Seher One

The new collectors edition featured vibrant colors and a well-known artist behind it, so Avión wanted the promotion to be impactful. We decided to make a real statement by creating a mural in Los Angeles inspired by Seher One’s approach to the collectors edition. The supplemental billboard units in LA and Atlanta echoed the look and vibe of the mural while also reflecting the feel of the individual market.

Avión Tequila Billboard

Gaining organic reach

While neither the client nor the artist posted about the campaign on their social channels, people connected with the mural and billboards organically. We measured a 16% increase in social conversations about the brand throughout the campaign.

Avión Tequila Digital
Avión Tequila Los Angeles Billboard

Using bright, vibrant creative for an attention-grabbing campaign

We found billboard space in Atlanta and in several places in LA, including downtown, Los Feliz, Silverlake and Echo Park. The boards stayed up for eight weeks (July 1 to August 28, 2024).


Huge reach for murals and billboards

The mural and billboards throughout Los Angeles and Atlanta generated an impression 35,360,036 total impressions. The client recorded a 10% increase in sales in the months after.


Total impressions generated


Sales boost


Rise in organic social media conversations

Avión Tequila Sunset Blvd Billboard

Connections pay off in finding premium billboard space

We often book advertising on the east side of LA for our music clients, who cater to a similar audience. We knew exactly where to look to target these trendsette

“When introducing a new collectors item, you want it to be different from anything else being promoted. A painted mural offers a one-of-a-kind experience. This creation highlighted the uniqueness of the product and created an impression that lasted long after seeing the mural.”

Gino Sesto, founder & CEO, DASH TWO
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