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The Client


Doubledecker Bus Impressions

7.84 Million

Wild PostingĀ® Impressions


Core Wild PostingĀ® Locations

About the Client

SHEGLAM is a premium beauty company selling products to everyone from teenagers to those in their 40s and 50s. With more than 6 million total followers across social media, it offers a diverse product line at affordable prices.

In fall 2022, SHEGLAM launched its first-ever shoppable consumer pop-up experience, SHEGLAM Glam House. The brand hosted a series of exclusive daily sales during its 10-day run and held a meet-and-greet with beauty star Laura Lee early on during the pop-up, located on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood (WeHo).


Pop-up promotion with nontraditional media

The clientā€™s goals were pretty simple: to promote the pop-up and drive traffic there.


But SHEGLAM wasnā€™t sure of the best way to achieve those aims. During the first phone call with DASH TWO, the client contact had no idea what the best approach might be.


We sent the client two proposals, one with traditional billboards and wallscapes, and a second featuring nontraditional media such as Wild PostingĀ®, projections, chalk stencils, and digital trucks. The client embraced this second nontraditional route geared toward awareness, reach and frequency.

SHEGLAM Instore pop up

Tight schedule, budget challenges overcome creatively

We faced a tight production schedule and had a limited budget, both common challenges for outdoor advertising ā€” but one unexpected wrinkle came when the address of the pop-up changed after we had already sent the doubledecker and wild posting creatives into production.


Luckily, we expedited reprints of the Wild PostingĀ® in time, but the doubledecker demanded some creative thinking. We didnā€™t have time to reprint another full wrap, so we printed a vinyl ā€œsnipeā€ sticker with the new address and placed it over the old address. Allā€™s well that ends well: The sticker blended so well with the background, you couldnā€™t even see it.


As for the tight schedule? It was definitely a pinch. The client contacted us on October 14, and we had to prepare a proposal, discuss final plans within budget, and confirm bookings to send specs and have artwork ready for production by October 28. Doubledeckers also typically need a longer lead time to print. The start date was November 7, so that only gave us about one week for production.


We also had to work with a strict budget of $50,000. Initially the plan went over that, but we negotiated down on the media to meet our target budget.


Show-stopping pink bus campaign success

SHEGLAM wanted an awareness angle and a ā€œshow-stoppingā€ element within the $50,000 budget. The embellishments for the doubledecker were a bit out of their budget, but we made adjustments that helped them get what they wanted.

The creative was all pink, making the assets stand out on the streets. Itā€™s hard to miss a huge pink bus! The doubledecker traveled through very high-traffic and popular areas, especially Melrose and WeHo, reaching the right people multiple times throughout the weeks our campaign ran. Our other assets (Wild PostingĀ® and projections) also targeted the same areas but in fixed locations to ensure repeated visibility. Melrose and WeHo attract a certain type of crowd, and itā€™s the exact demographic we needed to make the pop-up a success

Sheglam bus Sheglam bus 2

Hyper Targeted Reach

SHEGLAM promoted the pop-up on its socials, of course, and others created their own reels and TikToks to share their experience visiting the pop-up. A number of special guests stopped by, including Ashley Tisdale and other well-known fashion and beauty influencers, giving the campaign additional exposure. Here are a few of the most popular posts:


SHEGLAM Instagram
Melrose Blvd
SHEGLAM Wild Posting Sunset and Rosemont
SHEGLAM Melrose Projection

Simple Execution, Successful Campaign across Targeted Locations

Implementing the doubledecker was actually quite simple. We ensured the bus was available within our timetable and secured the media. For the Wild PostingĀ®, which received the remaining budget after the bus and the projections, we put up two to four posters in 20 locations ā€” then also acquired 27 bonus locations, for a total of 47.

We started the campaign on November 11, so after locking down the details, we provided the client with spec sheets and an artwork deadline. We were about 10 days out from the launch, and we fortunately launched all media as planned, even with the wrong address fiasco.

The projections were located at:

807 N. San Vicente Blvd.
9016 Santa Monica Blvd.
577 N.W. Knoll Dr.

The 20 (not including bonus) Wild PostingĀ® locations included six along Sunset Boulevard, two on Melrose, and some on Venice Boulevard, Redondo Boulevard, Edgemont Street and more.

The doubledecker traveled throughout WeHo, out to Beverly Hills, through Fairfax and near the Miracle Mile.


High Impressions from Bus Advertising and Wild PostingĀ®

The doubledecker generated an estimated 964,000 impressions over four weeks.

Wild PostingĀ® produced 7.84 million impressions from the 20 core locations. Adding the bonus locations likely took it up to 15 million.


Doubledecker Bus Impressions

7.84 Million

Wild PostingĀ® Impressions


Core Wild PostingĀ® Locations


Expertise in Guerrilla Media Execution

Nontraditional and especially guerilla media is our specialty. Our strong existing relationships with industry partners allowed us to steer around roadblocks quickly and efficiently. Tight timelines are simply part of the business, so we have built a list of people to call who can help us turn things around on a dime. The client was very impressed with our ability to execute successfully under time and budget pressures and see the campaign come to fruition.

ā€œWe loved getting the chance to bring in so many nontraditional elements to create an impactful, visible and just really fun campaign with a show-stopping element that the client absolutely loved.ā€œ

-Gino Sesto, founder & CEO, DASH TWO
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