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Spotify has slowly expanded their ad offerings from serving big brands to meeting the needs of labels and indie agencies. Recently they launched Spotify Ad Studio, a Self-Serve audio ad platform, and invited DASH TWO to participate in their limited beta. Now DASH TWO can offer our clients no minimum audio ad buys on Spotify’s free tier in addition to previously available options.

Current Spotify Ad Types

While Ad Studio focuses on audio ads with an accompanying display banner, Spotify has a growing number of ad types:

  • Audio – 15 or 30 seconds with a 640×640 companion banner.
  • Takeovers – Own the Spotify Homepage for a full day or run Videos in the ad break.
  • Static Display – Leaderboard or Overlay.
  • Sponsored Sessions – Click to watch this ad for 30 minutes of ad free listening!

Spotify is currently rolling out new formats such as Sponsored Playlists and Branded Moments.

Spotify’s Targeting Capabilities

For Programmatic buys targeting tends to be limited to Age, Gender, Genre and Playlist while Self-Serve (Ad Studio) ad targeting can go more granular, for example, focusing on fans of a specific artist. Targeting for larger budget Direct ad buys can dig even more deeply into such areas as income and interests.

Spotify’s full array of targeting capabilities:

Who They Are

  • Age & Gender
  • Geography
  • Language
  • Behavioral Segments

What They’re Listening To

  • Playlists
  • Genre
  • Artists

When & How They’re Listening

  • Daypart
  • Platform
  • Retargeting & Sequential Messaging

Spotify’s Growing Ad Platform

Spotify’s investment in ad tech is paying off in a growing range of ad formats that are well integrated with the platform. At the same time Spotify’s dominance in streaming music affords them a diverse audience that is especially suited to music and entertainment campaigns.

The potential future for Spotify’s free tier is to become a dominant platform for reaching music fans with advertising. DASH TWO is proud to be participating in Spotify’s Ad Studio and helping our clients access that platform as new opportunities emerge.


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