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Facebook’s Canvas, a multimedia mobile takeover ad format, is now available for organic posts.  Introduced earlier this year, Canvas offers the ability to combine still images, carousels, videos and call-to-action buttons in a post-click mobile experience.

Originally a paid ad format, Canvases can now also be created for organic posts that are viewable in iOS and Android. Viewers click through from a post on your Facebook Page while viewing on smartphone or tablet for an interactive, multimedia experience.



Canvas creation tools are available through Power Editor and through publishing tools via your Page. If you haven’t been using Power Editor, you can request access here.

One of the cool things about the Canvas format is that it offers the ability to do things like navigate the ad by tilting one’s phone. In addition, users view the Canvas while still in Facebook but you can also send them off to your website or other destinations.

As Facebook notes in their intro to creating Canvases “there’s no definitive way to create one.” The range of options literally creates a canvas for creative marketing that goes beyond traditional formats.


Once you’ve created your Canvas, DASH TWO can make sure your canvas ads reach the targeted audience you desire.

(Visited 254 times, 1 visits today)
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