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It is vital for every business owner to understand how to get the most out of their social media advertising. With companies spending billions of dollars a year on marketing, there is no reason to make the mistake of failing to understand what size the images should be on various social media mediums. This can lead to pictures that can’t be read and those that will lose their transferability. This comprehensive guide will help you create social media advertisements that will fit the medium, so that they won’t end up being cut off or over pixelated and blurry.

Images are an essential part of the content for social media sites. They are what attracts the consumer to the ad and pulls their attention from the flooded media feeds. Visuals nearly double your posts chances of being engaged with. However, each social media site has their own dimensions that you need to use to make your images look their best.

See below for a comprehensive guide to your specs or size specifications. This guide can be the best way to ensure that your photos are presented the way that you want them to be. Don’t worry about struggling to get those photos to fit or worry about dealing with part of the photos being cut off or the banner not fitting properly. This guide is what you need to get the most out of your social media marketing.


When it comes to adding images to your Facebook account, there are several dimensions that you will want to follow.

Cover Photo851 x 315
Link Image1200 x 627
Shared Image1200 x 900
Profile Photo180 x 180
Promoted Posts1200 x 628 Rec or 600 x 315


YouTube is the “in” way of sharing videos. Many companies are beginning to create YouTube videos to promote services and products. Others have been adding YouTube videos to their sites to offer their clients more.

Profile Photo800 x 800
Channel Cover Photo2560 x 1440
Video Thumbnail1280 x 760


Instagram is a popular way to share videos and photos. It allows people to keep up with what is going on. This social media networking option can be a great choice for businesses. It allows consumers to post pictures in their personal social media sites to increase its view.

Profile Photo110 x 110
Square Feed Image510 x 510
Landscape Feed Image600 x 450
Portrait Feed Image1080 x 1350
Static/Video1080 x 1080 Recommended or 640 x 640


Follow these dimensions for your twitter account to get the best results every time. This social media site is very popular and used frequently.

Cover Photo1500 x 500
Profile Photo400 x 400
Shared Image506 x 506
Twitter Card800 x 320
Promoted TweetTypically 800 x 320, but any spec would work

Google Plus

Check out these dimensions when utilizing your google plus. It’s a great place to connect with family and friends with the same interests, but can be a great place to promote products and services.

Cover Photo1080 x 608
Profile Photo250 x 250
Shared Image497 X 373
Google Banner728 x 90, 300 x 250, 160 x 600
Mobile Leaderboard320 x 50
Square250 x 250
Small Square200 x 200
Large Rectangle336 x 280
Inline Rectangle300  250
Skyscraper120 x 600
Wide Skyscraper160 x 600
Half-Page300 x 600
Large Leaderboard970 x 90
Large Mobile Banner320 x 100
Billboard970 x 250
Portrait300 x 1050


This is the best way to manage your identity as a professional. It is the best way to engage with the professional network.

Background Image for ProfileBetween 1000 x 425 and 4000 x 4000
Profile Photo400 x 100
Logo100 x 60
Banner Image646 x 220
Career Cover Photo974 x 300


When it comes to spreading ideas, Pinterest is the key. Members can “pin” images, objects, and videos to share them with each other. When you are looking to get your information out there, it is a great way to do it. However, you need to make sure that your picture looks great.

Profile Photo165 x 165
Pins in the Feed236 x the scaled height
Clicked Pins600 to 735 x the scaled height
Board Thumbnail222 x 150

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