The trail to Coachella is lined with billboards promoting new album releases by major acts. But even those of most importance to Coachella attendees couldn’t rival the excitement generated by a hand-painted mural on a local grocery and laundromat in nearby Indio. Why? Because Lady Gaga!

Interscope reached out to DASH TWO to turn outdoor advertising into a special event for Lady Gaga fans and the Indio community. The basic concept was relatively simple. DASH TWO would find a great artist, a suitable location and put the two together. Then Lady Gaga would let fans on their way to Coachella know about the mural and the opportunity to grab a free limited edition t-shirt.

The combination of star power, outdoor advertising expertise and excited fans made for a fun Coachella-related event that blew up on social media. Plus the Indio community received the added bonus of an eye-catching mural on an established local business.


DASH TWO scouted a location in Indio, the small California town which hosts the Coachella festival. We found the K&A Market and Yunes Laundromat owned and operated by Salah Alwishah. The business and property have been family-owned for 20 years and the market is a true Indio institution.

We recruited LA-based artist SYNTEK to paint the mural based on a design provided by Interscope. He and his team worked nonstop literally day and night to create a work of art combining the sun and palm trees of Coachella with the unmistakable image of Lady Gaga. The mural was extended with a picket fence and fake grass evoking a mini-Coachella moment for Gaga fans.

Lady Gaga then shared the news for those en route to Coachella on her social media accounts. As a special bonus for making the trip, 250 special edition t-shirts commemorating the event were to be given away free to lucky fans.

And the fans came in droves sharing their pics and reactions on social media. The fake lawn became a staging ground for everyone from aspiring rappers to proud owners of Lady Gaga Coachella tees.

Business owner Salah Alwishah says fans continued to visit after the t-shirt giveaway to memorialize their trip to Coachella. He’s even taken pics for fans who came alone. Salah explained that the mural has also gotten a very positive response from the community.

Lady Gaga’s Coachella mural was a big win for all involved. Lady Gaga got to please her fans. Interscope received a cost-effective promotional event. Coachella strengthened its relationship with Indio. Salah Alwishah got a great piece of art for the K&A Market. SYNTEK grew his reputation. Gaga fans experienced a special event. And DASH TWO can take pride in bringing it all together.

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