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Bulletins, posters, junior posters, flips, spectaculars… The nomenclature of out of home is intimidating. Here’s a guide to some common outdoor terms which will facilitate out of home buying.



Spectaculars are large, non-standard billboards fixed to the side of a building.  They are the largest and highest impact out of home format but are also the most expensive.  There are 4,029 spectaculars and wall murals in the United States.

Digital Billboards

digital-bulletinsDigital billboards consist of 14′ by 48′ or 10.5′ by 36′ electronic signs which change ad messages every six to eight seconds.  Digital signs provide high impact exposure in urban markets.  There are 7,300 digital billboards in the United States.  Each message is called a flip.  Local sign codes regulate the length of each flip.  A typical flip is 8 seconds.  Digital signs can be purchase for almost any length of time because the ad insertion is easy.  Digital billboards are used extensively in short term, national ad campaigns.



Bulletins are static billboards with a vinyl face.  Bulletins are a large, standardized, high impact out of home format meant to be viewed from distances of more than 50 feet.   Bulletin sizes are 14′ by 48′, 10′ by 40′ or 10.6 by 26′.  Size is dependent on the local zoning code.  There are 152,367 bulletin faces in the United States.  Bulletins are sold by 4-week periods.  A static bulletin is usually sold for three, six, nine or twelve 4-week periods.


poster-adsPosters are static billboards with a vinyl face located on major local roads.  Posters are 12′ by 24′.  There are 115,291 poster faces in the United States.  Posters are sold for one, three, six, nine or twelve 4 week periods.

Junior Posters

8-sheet-outdoor-adsJunior Posters are static billboards with a vinyl face located in urban neighborhoods and on smaller roads.  Posters are 5′ by 11′.  There are 23,422 Jr Poster face in the United States.  Jr posters are sold for one, three, six, nine, or twelve 4 week periods.

Transit Advertising

Transit Advertising consists of signs for varying sizes which appear in airports, rail and subway stations and on buses.  There are 1.5 million transit advertising faces in the United States.  Transit advertising reaches travelers and commuters in urban areas.

Airport Advertising


Bus Wrap


Street Furniture

bus-bench-advertisingStreet Furniture consists of faces fixed to newstands, newsracks, bus benches, bus shelters and phone kiosks.  There are 32,122 street furniture faces in the United States.  Street furniture reaches pedestrian traffic in urban markets.

Placed Based Out of Home

programmatic-advertising-agency-1Placed Based Out of Home advertising consist of out of home advertising signs in arenas, stadiums, cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls, offices, stores and health clubs.  There are 1.3 million placed-based out of home advertising faces in the United States.

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