Programmatic Advertising Campaign

by Miguel Jimenez

You’ve probably heard about programmatic advertising and are wondering what it is and if it’s even worth your time. What you may not know is that over half of the ads you see online are now being bought via programmatic.

In a nutshell, programmatic is bigger than any single ad network out there. It combines Google (the biggest) with countless other networks and other platforms such as Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL, etc. Because of that we’re able to cross-pollinate display advertising, in a neat, streamlined format that’s more targeted than ever. We’re able to gather data to specifically target consumers on other platforms.

An overview:

  • A cross-pollination of top and innovative ad networks, bigger than ever before
  • Data you can use, and re-use to optimize your campaigns
  • Ability to supersede direct buy minimums for major sites and apps such as Spotify
  • Host a variety of multimedia (video, audio, rich text) combined with new and innovative ways to advertise
  • Bidding is still on a CPM, CPC and CPA basis

So what should be your takeaway? Programmatic is a must. It’s here for the long run and the best part is that DASH TWO, has a seat at the programmatic table. That means we’ve cut out the middle man… and that’s always a good thing.  Get in touch with Dash Two to set up your programmatic advertising campaign.

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