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Run ads to support and drive pre-order sales for:
Home Free’s album, ‘Timeless Album’

About the Client:

The all vocal country sensation Home Free is bringing Nashville country standards and country-dipped pop hits to town (and having a great time doing so). The band comes to town on the heels of their most recent full-length album release, TIMELESS, bringing with them new music, new jokes, and new production.

Home Free has become a household name, amassing more than 185-million YouTube views, and entertaining more than 300,000 people live in concert since bursting on the national scene in 2013. The 5-man band has become known for their show-stopping performances that mix their signature no-instrument, all-vocal music with their quick-witted hu-mor.


DASH TWO Analysis:

Home Free had been using Squarespace analytics to track their sales before their engagement with DASH TWO. However, they had not employed segmentation of their audiences so they had no idea which targeted audiences were driving sales. They approached DASH TWO because of our reputation as experts in delivering performance-driven ads.

Main Objective:

Drive sales of the Timeless album and track conversions to get highest Return on Investment (ROI).


Our solution was to use a retargeting Facebook D2C Campaign

The Dash Two strategy included:

  • Implementing the Facebook Pixel so that Home Free could track purchases on the Facebook platform instead of using Squarespace. This allowed them to see the purchase data by audience instead of by overall sales. This data included all marketing efforts both paid and non-paid.
  • Segmenting four different audiences to target. Our primary focus was to use re-marketing techniques to engage Home Free’s existing fan base.

We created ads that were relevant to the specific target market, and as they started gaining momentum, we were able to see the return on advertising spend (ROAS). The data generated from the re-marketed ads gave us the relevant information that helped us to optimize the campaign further, making tweaks to ensure that the ads were getting to the right customers who were most likely to convert.


DASH TWO Advantage:

DASH TWO had already worked with Home Free on other advertising projects, so we had accumulated a wealth of data to be able to make informed choices for the re-marketing ad campaign:

  • We leveraged 1PD e-mail lists through Facebook’s custom audience to reach fans who have voluntarily subscribed to Home Free’s mailing list
  • We segmented a custom audience of people who interacted with Home Free’s Facebook page in the 30 days prior to retarget people who indicated interest
  • Home Free used our URL link tracker, flyt.it so we had the data that showed us who had purchased or clicked on previous Home Free concert shows.
  • We targeted direct fans, people who follow Home Free on their Facebook fan page.

The Results:

By segmenting our audiences and running highly targeted ads to Home Free’s fan base, we were able to see which audience converted and which data sets yielded the highest ROAS and optimize accordingly.

  • Sold 33,013 units
  • Overall ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 18.20
  • The Home Free e-mail list was the top performing audience with a ROAS of 22.47
  • Direct fan (interest targeting) performed with the lowest ROAS which confirmed the value of leveraging 1PD/proprietary data

The Results

We were ecstatic to provide Home Free with improved ROI by segmenting their audience, implementing retargeting campaigns using the Facebook platform, thanks to the genius of the Facebook pixel and leveraging all of their existing data to drive conversions.

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