Digital Advertising is the ultimate route to connecting directly with consumers where they are shopping –online! The evolution of technology allows us to leverage its infinite capabilities to deliver your brand message, via digital advertising, to ensure consumer engagement. Digital advertising encompasses everything from email marketing campaigns, social media channels like Facebook and Google AdWords, banner ads, native advertising, and search engine advertising, etc.

We have a range of possibilities to get you front and center, directly in your customer’s eye line. We deliver your message to your most relevant target audience where they are hanging out – on the internet. Although traditional advertising options like print, television, outdoor, radio, and billboards are still effective, using digital advertising helps you to leapfrog ahead of the competition in innovative ways.

With the advances in Facebook and Google advertising, we have entered a new paradigm where digital advertising (and especially mobile) is the most potent cross-channel solution to grow revenue. This is the era of precision and relevance. Digital advertising technology is changing rapidly, and you have to be fit for adapting to continuous change. We keep up with all of the whip-fast changes happening in the digital advertising space, so your brand stays visible.

Consumers want advertising to speak to their needs and their online shopping intentions. They do not want to be bombarded with ads for products they have absolutely no interest in purchasing. Our methods ensure that your messaging reaches the audience that is most likely to convert. We don’t waste resources on “spray and pray” tactics, but instead focus on satisfying buyer’s intent as well as providing relevancy. We use the latest digital advertising breakthroughs, technology and innovations to exceed potential client’s expectations. Tracking campaign effectiveness is a vital component of all of our digital advertising strategies, and we invest in understanding the analytics to improve our initiatives continually.

Dash Two is always on the lookout for new trends disrupting the digital marketing landscape. We know that video is the dominant medium on the internet. It’s ideal for brand storytelling to connect emotionally with consumers and can convey a significant amount of information in a short time. At Dash Two we strive to hook a potential customer within five seconds of watching an advert.

Our native advertising prowess allows for unobtrusive digital advertising that provides authentic, relevant and engaging content for your perfect target audience. We are also able to access internet influencers that can endorse products that are in line with both of your target market’s interests. Geo-fencing for local digital advertising campaigns are set to rise, and we have already embraced this trend to ensure our customer’s draw only the most relevant traffic to their sites and products.

Whether you need augmented reality adverts or need to navigate the complexities of visual search, we offer solutions to meet your needs and budget. Our SEO knowledge helps you to rank high on search engine results pages making you worthy of a customer’s click.

This digital advertising new frontier allows brands to stake their claim in this fertile land of opportunity. Enter Dash Two. We take great pride in both our digital media fluency and a longstanding reputation for creating digital strategies that work.


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