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by Miguel Jimenez

We’ve got you access to a very cool new Facebook ad type which won’t be available to other advertisers for some time. It’s called the Facebook Canvas Advertising.


It features an all in one static image, carousel and silent video mobile takeover capability and a whole new level of immersive interactivity.  The ad will run as a click to website/conversion ad and is as customizable as you are imaginative. You can even tilt your phone to navigate through the ad and include multiple links to multiple images and videos.

The ad appears as a promoted post in your news feed and takes over your phone when clicked where you then control the content.

Click the images below for video examples from DASH TWO:


Here’s how you can use it:

Music Releases: Feature multiple releases by one artist in an ad with images and links to each album along with a clip of a music video or live performance for each artist with text over it. Or perhaps run a best of the label ad with links multiple releases and album cover images. The carousel allows up to 10 images with unique links to each.  For ad placements check out DASH TWO we are the top music media buyers in Los Angeles.

Concert Promoters: Feature a clip or live artist performance in the background of the ad. Feature multiple images for artists who may have various tour dates in the same city.

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