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What is Wild Posting®

Like a rock through a window, this form of out of home advertising isn’t new, but it’s effective.  It’s been called a lot of things like flyposting, bill posting, and poster sniping; but the act is the same getting your posters posted in high traffic areas to bring the message to the people.  A style that guerrilla marketing companies once used for underground concerts is now being used for millions of successful businesses.  Get your message seen in areas of amazing visibility and populace while getting a massive return on investment.

Is it Legal?

We would never encourage anyone or any business to break the law and none of our clients ever pay any fines. As should no OOH agency, or outdoor media buying company. We are trying to simply add urban color to the gray landscapes while making sure that your products and services get to the people.  Will it annoy private property owners?  Probably.  Will it cause the SWAT team to be called?  Never.

Types of Wild Posting®

Every street team promotion has a different need, so we have different types of Wild Posting® to suit those needs.  We cover all the most visible and popular dedicated poster boards and barricades around while also catering to some more unconventional locations that will guarantee eyes on your poster.  We also offer interactive posters, window posters, and if you are looking to make sure your campaign is remembered, try a custom mural or take away poster campaign!  Just like our Wild Posting® locations you are only limited by your imagination.

Categories it works for…

When you think of Wild Posting®, most people would associate it with music, film, and television.  While that’s not wrong we are also driving people to take in art, check out the latest video games, technology, fashion, as well as the best new food and beverage options.  Some people would think it’s everything but the kitchen sink, but you have the right poster and we put in the right location and that damn sink is going too.

It isn’t the new way, it’s just the most effective way.  Wild Posting® is where it’s at!

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