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Current minimums for vertical video Snap Ads via the Ad Manager are $100 a day. Previously advertising on Snapchat required large minimum spends and was dominated by major brands.

Snapchat’s new Ad Manager and related Snap Publisher ad creation tool are appearing in industry headlines. The combination is making Snapchat a much more affordable and accessible digital advertising option. And since DASH TWO got an early look at Snapchat’s invitation, we’re ready and able to include low minimum video Snap Ads in client campaigns.

Snapchat recently opened access to their new Self-Serve Ad Manager which brings Snapchat ads into the realm of smaller businesses. DASH TWO has been part of a very limited group invited to test their alpha phase and we like what we’re seeing.

Like Spotify’s Ad Studio, Snapchat’s Ad Manager allows DASH TWO clients to include more affordable Snap Ad buys in their ad campaigns or to launch Snapchat-only campaigns.

In related news, this month Snapchat launched Snap Publisher making horizontal video much easier to repurpose into vertical ads. While Snap Publisher is of most interest to those creating or repurposing video assets, DASH TWO knows it will make things easier for those planning Snap Ad campaigns.

About Snap Ads:

Snap Ads are vertical, full-screen, 100% viewable and have audio on by default. The following options are available through Snapchat’s Ad Manager:

– Top Snap
Basic video ad without an URL destination or CTA for app install or long form video view.

– Web View
Visitors can swipe up to see your pre-loaded website.

– App Install
Snapchatters can install your app without leaving Snapchat.

– Long Form Video
Users swipe up to see a longer version of the video, up to 10 minutes in length.

See you on Snapchat!

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