To help you cut through the dizzying array of social media ad options, Dash Two created an infographic featuring top social networks and their ad offerings. Each option is identified for its most useful advertising goal from clicks to engagement. It will help you make the leap from making choices based on what’s hot to moving forward based on your actual needs.

The particular social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter, were chosen not just because they are the most popular. They are also the most effective for reaching music and media fans and turning them into paying customers.

Why is Facebook on the top and Twitter at the bottom? Though the overall chart shouldn’t be taken as an absolute ranking of social media channels, Facebook and Instagram are at the top because Facebook is typically the most effective for engagement and Instagram ads run in the Facebook newsfeed.

Though Twitter can be a great channel for spreading news and setting off meme storms, it is typically the least effective for converting fan interest into sales.

Also worth noting is the high click through rate for Google Ads which target keywords. These ads reach fans and potential fans when they are in action mode searching for something they desire thus leading to sales.

When considering the Best For column, keep in mind that many of these options are named for what they’re designed to produce, whether Likes or Engagements. Nevertheless, we live in a world in which the names of products don’t always match their effectiveness.

The Best For column represents what Dash Two considers to be the most effective option based on cost as discovered through ongoing experience and the use of online services such as Flyt.

Not explicit in the infographic itself is an important takeaway. When choosing social media channels for advertising, the most productive results will come not from chasing the hottest platform but from focusing on your particular goals and the tools that will enable you to reach those goals.

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