One of our most effective digital advertising offerings is ‘Display”. It gives brands the opportunity to target accurately and measure conversion success in real time. Display advertising is less invasive than some of the traditional advertising methods primarily when it is aligned with the corresponding content on the webpage.

Display can be used to educate a visitor who is already interested in the subject matter and is looking to deepen their knowledge of your product or service. When we use display advertising with well-crafted SEO con-tent, it builds brand loyalty and trust. Display advertising is not only for the big brands. Smaller companies are also reaping the rewards, espe-cially on the local level.

We focus on creating mobile-friendly display advertising as the visual image is the most powerful on these devices and consumed vociferous-ly. Our display advertising options include the use of flash, audio, video, and text to deliver your message.

Our Dash Two skill set is well oiled with a programmatic display, which uses real-time bidding to get your brand, product or service in front of your target audience right when they express an intention to buy. Being able to put relevant display advertising right in front of your segmented, targeted audience is our number one aim. Our goal is always to get you more conversions.

Our team also has extensive experience in rich media displays where we use animation and 3D imagery to tell your brand story. Rich media is all about interaction, where display ads are focused on the power of the visual to tell the story. Our rich media digital advertising makes use of in-teractive technology to build brand awareness and to get the user en-gaged in the content. These are sophisticated adverts that are designed to prickle the user’s imagination, hold their attention and encourage strong user response.

These adverts use different formats such as single asset types like “ex-panding” or dual assets like “floating.” We utilize streaming video tech-nology for instant interactive opportunities with users. We make use of applets that allow users to engage with the ad by using their cursor which provides for an enhanced interactive experience. You get to expe-rience more clicks and increased brand awareness with our multi-pronged approach.

Our Rich Media Ad Prowess extends to the following formats:

  • Expanding
  • Interstitial
  • Banner
  • Banner with Floating
  • Multi-directional expanding (MDE)
  • Multi-floating interstitial: Push down, peel down and video

Display and rich media are revolutionizing the digital advertising space. Users don’t want to be bombarded with intrusive advertising that doesn’t speak to their needs, wants or pain points. People are looking for engagement that is relevant and mobile friendly. We believe that we have revolutionary spirits and can rise to the challenge of satisfying today’s online consumer. They want quick, meaningful, helpful, relevant digital advertising that doesn’t stalk them around the web.

We provide display and rich media options that are innovative and offer smaller businesses a vehicle to make their presence felt online. Tech trends evolve almost daily. You have to keep up or find yourself out of the race.

Enter Dash Two. We have a proven track record of creating memorable, effective and creative digital advertising campaigns using the latest technology to keep your brand offering up to date and engaging. The online space keeps opening new frontiers. We are at the forefront ready to stake your claim in your niche market.


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