To tell a great brand story with your digital advertising campaigns you have to include video into the mix. Traditional media is being placed on the backburner as many brands choose to harness the power of video to drive sales online. In 2016 digital video ad revenue hit the $5 billion mark (according to BI Intelligence reports) because it offers the highest average CTR’s (click-through-rates) and provides over 100% year-over-year monthly growth.

The cost of producing video has declined dramatically which allows us to create authentic, relevant video brand storytelling for any sized company.

We use cross-channel video advertising to reach your target audience at defining points along their buying journey and build long-lasting relationships in the process. Users are consuming more visual content that is compelling and relevant. If you can’t grab their attention right away, they will scroll past your offering. At Dash Two, our team creates stimulating video content that is brief and targeted for maximum effect.

Video digital advertising that is distributed across social media platforms and mobile is a vital way to tell your brand story in an entertaining and engaging way. We ensure that we tailor make video content for your specific segmented audience, so they are receiving information that connects with them. When video is relevant to the target audience, it increases conversions and shares.

The digital advertising video landscape is transforming rapidly, and one has to stake your brand claim before the competition dominates. Video not only effectively engages the user but builds trust in your brand.

Our Dash Two digital advertising video expertise includes:

  • In-stream video advertising: 15-30 second content that rolls before a video starts. These video ads can be skipped after 5 seconds, so we craft potent calls to action from the get-go.
  • Display video advertising: We create unforgettable video content within banner ads to ensure that your segmented, targeted audience gets the right brand message at the proper stage in their purchasing process.
  • Social video advertising: We focus on making shareable video content for this channel. You want to spark conversation in people’s news feeds. We mimic organic content when we create video for social.
  • Mobile video advertising: Our forte is making these quick, relevant videos for people on the go. Mobile users prefer consuming video content on their phones. We always make sure that the video content we create can adapt to different screen sizes.
  • Programmatic television advertising: We design video adverts that arrive via smart TV’s to reach your super segmented, targeted audience while they are watching their chosen video content.

Our Dash Two digital advertising team is dedicated to developing strategies that ensure your video production is of the highest quality and caters to your audience’s specific interests. We also track the efficacy of every video campaign to be able to retarget, tweak and repeat successes. We can tell a strong, memorable brand story with or without sound with a compelling CTA right at the starting gates. Don’t forget Google loves to rank high any website that has embedded video content on it (53 times more than sites without video). Google does own YouTube after all.

Enter Dash Two to craft your video digital advertising campaigns. We take great pride in both our digital media fluency and a longstanding reputation for creating digital strategies that work.


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