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We believe your digital advertising budget should focus heavily on mobile. This is because last year mobile advertising accounted for 51% of the $72.5 billion digital advertising spend in the US. This figure is set to increase –and at a rapid rate. With more than half of marketer’s ad spend being plowed into mobile, we know it is an area that our clients need to embrace.

Many marketers are advocating a mobile-only strategy, but we still encourage a healthy mix of digital advertising options with a strong focus on mobile. The surge in mobile advertising spending is due in part to the advertising innovations by Google and Facebook.

Mobile advertising is driving the online economy, and we have a plethora of options to get your brand prominently positioned in this space. Your consumers are on the go, smartphone in hand and scrolling through ads waiting for an offer to spark their interest.

We make use of:

  • Unobtrusive Banner Ads at the top or bottom of the screen. This format is particularly effective if there is already high brand recognition
  • Native Advertising that mimics the format of the content on the publisher’s app and is seamlessly integrated into the webpage.
  • Video ads that offer massive user engagement.
  • Interstitial ads that can take up the whole screen during the loading of an app with a strong CTA.
  • Dynamic Rich Media ads that encourage interaction through complex video and audio elements that see conversions going through the roof.

We also utilize every mobile ad opportunity. We boost your Facebook and Twitter posts, so they appear as if they are a post from one of the user’s social media contacts.

We create attention-grabbing exceptional content that users don’t even know is an advert. The creativity in the ad connects emotionally with the user, and then they get engaged with the content. And of course, they share it after viewing.

We no longer use the flashing ads on the side of the screen which only serves to annoy your target audience and pushes them to use the ad blocking function.

We create brand awareness with our expertise in using live video streaming in our mobile digital advertising efforts. The Dash Two team knows how to work wonders with 15- second clips. We know how to tell a good story with mobile contextual digital marketing. We weave an absorbing brand narrative in a mobile-friendly format. Goodbye pop-ups, hello mobile brand storytelling.

We ensure that your mobile content is highly targeted, relevant and valuable. Our Dash Two team makes sure that we craft the right mobile content to fit the chosen social media platform. We align the mobile digital advertising with the format and focus of each of these individual networks for maximum engagement.

Digital advertising is a dynamic, evolving channel that needs constant tending. Staying up to date with all of the latest mobile trends ensures that we can provide you with successful digital mobile strategies. Giants such as Google and Facebook are continually introducing new features to help advertisers get better results while smaller players are always creating innovative technologies that have the potential to spread like wildfire.

Enter Dash Two. We take great pride in our digital media fluency.

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