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Marketing is a complicated thing. Juggling social media, blogs, pay per click, brand awareness, word of mouth etc. of any business can be overwhelming. It’s the kind of thing that makes Wild Posting®s so comforting. They keep it simple with an image and a tagline of 6 words or less. Sure, the initial discovery of the beating heart of your product/service is challenging. (Think how many hours it took Steve Jobs and his marketing team to nail down “1,000 songs in your pocket.”) But once you got it, the Wild Posting®s half way there.

Don’t be fooled their simplicity though. A Wild Posting® is far more than just an image with a clever tagline. Here’s 5 businesses where Wild Posting®s do a lot of the heavy lifting.


Image is important in any marketing campaign, but for fashion, the marketing is imagery.

Everything from the way the garments flatter the figure of a picturesque model, to the alluring locale behind her can maximize the target market’s fantasy or detract from it. Not to mention your campaign only has seconds to achieve the former.


This is where Wild Posting®s shine. Their specifically designed to exemplify your brand or product with the precious seconds your campaign possesses. Garment + gorgeous model+ awesome location all in one Wild Posting®.

So your target market catches their train and fantasies the adorning of your product all the way to work.


In our busy world, reminders are a godsend. Getting notifications on our phone keep us from forgetting important things completely. Wild Posting®s have the same effect on music marketing. Bands and solo artists on tour are often hard to keep track off. What city their playing in and where they’ll go next. Their website helps with that.


But with everything you’ve got going on maybe you’ll forget to check or the band’s email gets buried under all the others emails that need your attention.

Then you see a Wild Posting® of your favorite band on a construction site. You’re psyched because their coming to your city and the dates work with your schedule! All because you had to walk by the Wild Posting® on your way to work. This also holds true with album art as well.

A quick glimpse of your favorite band or solo artist’s artwork is a helpful reminder to check out their newest work minus the intrusive nature of other types of advertising.


This is the no brainer on the list. Movie posters have been a staple of the movie making business for years.

They capture the heart and excitement of a story while sharing a glimpse of the characters and journey you’ll experience. But movies aren’t the only venue for Wild Posting®s in film.

TV shows, YouTube channels, web series, etc. all epitomize the use of the Wild Posting® medium. Expressing a tone through an image and capturing the core narrative of the show in a few words. Of all the businesses, film reap the most rewards of a captivating Wild Posting®.


App marketing differs from most product/services. A witty message and quick elevator pitch is the core of App marketing. Capsule, the pharmacy app is doing this through the NYC subway system like this:

Capsule “Prescription delivery via text, site or app.” Straight to the point and easy to grasp while running in and out of the subway. Wild Posting®s have the same effect. Except they’re way more flexible.


They capture the brevity and convenience of the Capsule ad on a nearby bus station, construction site, college campus, coffee shop etc. And their cheaper too.

Public Service Announcement

Wild Posting®s have a notorious history of being anti-establishment. So any liberal agenda piece often finds the perfect home on the pages of one.

For example, back when Bill O’Reilly was still a talk show host on Fox News many were horrified at the vast sexual harassment allegations levied against him.

“Get Rid of Bill O’Reilly” became a prominent Wild Posting® until Fox finally took the hint and fired him.


Other prominent PSA Wild Posting®s have targeted political figures such as Steve Bannon when he was a member of the Trump administration and of course Trump himself.


Wild Posting®s are a staple in marketing campaigns, especially in Fashion, Music, Film, Apps and Public Service Announcements. Captivating your distracted customer quickly and effectively can be done and there’s no better way to do it than through the affordability, flexibility, and brevity of a Wild Posting®.

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