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About Houston

Houston is one of the country’s five biggest cities, with a diverse population, gorgeous bayous and a thriving arts scene. There’s a reason the Houston Rockets, the two-time NBA champions, got their name — NASA is headquartered in Houston, making it the world’s leading city for space exploration. It’s also famous for producing some of the most notable artists of a generation, including Beyoncé, Travis Scott and Megan Thee Stallion.

Are you looking to run an impactful campaign using outdoor advertising in Houston? Read our guide to discover more about the best places for billboard ads in the metropolitan area, the types of traditional and digital billboards available, and how much you can expect to spend.

the Landscape

Data for Billboard Advertisers in Houston, TX

Houston has a population of 2.288 million, as of 2021’s Census estimate, making it the most populous city in the state of Texas. It grew almost 10% from the previous decade, credited in part to the area’s low cost of living. The median age of residents of Houston is only 35.3, making it the youngest of the major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Houston boasts 450 billboards, the most of any city in Texas. It has 200 more than Dallas and more than four times as many as San Antonio.

Here’s a complete demographic rundown on the Houston DMA.

Houston, TXPopulation: 2.288 million

Woman Population


Men Population


Hispanic 45
White 24
Black 23
Asian 7
Other 1



Foreign-born residents:


Persons per household:


Percent who speak a non-English language at home:


High school graduates


Hold at least a bachelor’s degree:


Median household income:



Types of Billboards Available

The different kinds of Houston billboards include three main ones.


Bulletins include the boards you typically see along the highway. They are big and grab attention. It’s important to check out the exact location of the billboard to ensure a pole or trees don’t obscure it, and passersby can easily view it from the road.


Bulletins measure 48 feet wide x 14 feet tall.


Posters, also often called 30 sheets, are another common size of ads in Houston. Smaller than bulletins, they are found more often on major roads throughout the city, including some residential areas.

Dimensions +

Most posters measure 24 feet, 6 inches wide x 12 feet, 3 inches tall. Occasionally, you’ll find posters that measure 22 feet, 8 inches wide x 10 feet, 5 inches tall.

Digital Billboards

Since 2008, hundreds of billboards in Houston have been taken down in accordance with a settlement the city reached with Clear Channel Outdoor. Some traditional boards have been replaced by digital boards, with Houston talking up the public safety benefits, including the ability to issue Amber Alerts or post public service messages on the easy-to-change boards. The city now has a robust digital billboard presence.

Dimensions +

Digital bulletins measure 48 feet wide x 14 feet tall.
Digital posters measure 24 feet, 6 inches wide x 12 feet, 3 inches tall.

places to advertise

Best Places in Houston to Advertise on a Billboard

Advertisers should keep in mind that Houston is a Latino-dominant city where more than a third of residents speak Spanish at home — so bilingual or Spanish-only billboards may do well depending on what category you target with your media.
Based on our experience, here are some of the best places to find bulletin, poster and digital billboard inventory in Houston.

Minute Maid Park:

Billboard signage at the ballpark sells for six- and seven-figure premiums, with the Astros among MLB’s top teams annually and a rabid fanbase coming out to support them. But you can purchase billboards for a much lower cost on I-69 near the stadium, the perfect place to raise brand awareness for sports apparel and equipment, shoes and lifestyle apparel.


Located to the west in downtown Houston, the Montrose neighborhood offers a charming mix of hip restaurants and cantinas, art galleries, gay bars and other local businesses, like vintage stores. The area draws a wide range of categories, including beauty, sports, tourism, nightclubs and nonprofits looking to connect with social justice-minded people.

Midtown Houston:

Located east of Montrose, Midtown is a mix of commercial and residential real estate, and it’s seen a huge population boom. Top billboard categories include a range of sports brands, including shoes, as well as luxury brands and lifestyle apparel.

Hyde Park:

To the north of Montrose, the Hyde Park neighborhood is inside Houston’s Inner Loop and known as a desirable place to live. The most frequent billboard advertising categories include mobile, apparel and occasionally beauty.


Commuters and tourists take the highway to and from the city, providing many chances for advertisers looking to reach an engaged audience. Often local businesses such as the Houston Zoo, medical centers, schools or tourism board will advertise here. National categories include restaurants, hotels and apparel.


Cost of a Billboard in Houston

As in most places, in Houston, billboards downtown tend to cost more than those located on the outskirts of the city. Costs are relatively inexpensive considering the large population of the city, with pricing comparable to Dallas. Digital boards tend to be the most expensive and see a great deal of demand. You can often book them with shorter lead time, though, because swapping the creative in and out is easy.

All prices are for four weeks and represent recent averages we’ve seen in the market.

The Cheapest Billboards in Houston

Vector 1

$6,000 to $8,000 on highways outside the city

Vector 1

Posters: $5,000 or less

The Most Expensive Billboards in Houston

Vector 1

Bulletins: Up to $20,000 downtown

Vector 2

Digital: $12,000 to $20,000 and more, depending on location


Houston Creative Examples


Thinking About Advertising in Houston?

We have placed billboard advertising in Houston for many national brands, and we have contacts with vendors that can benefit you for pricing. Contact us today to learn more about billboard advertising in the city.

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