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the city

About Miami

Just say the word “Miami,” and so many things pop to mind: vibrant nightlife, colorful Art Deco buildings, stunning waterfront views, luxuriously warm weather and an unbeatable skyline. South Florida’s second-most-populous city draws celebrity visitors and dwellers, with everyone from Pitbull and LeBron James to Gloria Estefan and Oprah Winfrey owning homes here. Miami exudes cool, a hip trendsetter, so it’s little wonder so many brands run advertising campaigns here.

We put together this guide to help you find the best prices and places for your billboard ads in Miami. Read on to learn more about the top destinations in the area, the incredibly diverse population and, of course, the billboard inventory.

the Landscape

Data for Billboard Advertisers in Miami, FL

Miami-Dade County in the state of Florida has 2.66 million residents as of 2021, up by more than 100,000 over 2010. The heavily Latino area includes about 700,000 of Cuban descent, and those born in Cuba make up half the foreign-born population in Miami. About 60% of residents speak primarily Spanish. It’s a big commuter city with plenty of car dwelling — the average commute time is 32 minutes.

Miami has about 500 billboards, which is more than three times as many as Orlando and more than six times as many as West Palm Beach. It’s more comparable to Chicago or Los Angeles.

Here’s a complete demographic rundown on Miami.

Miami, FLPopulation: 2.66 million

Woman Population


Men Population


Hispanic 69
Black 17
White 13
Asian 1



Foreign-born residents:


Persons per household:


Percent who speak a non-English language at home:


High school graduates


Hold at least a bachelor’s degree:


Median household income:



Types of Billboards Available

Miami has four main types of outdoor advertising.


Bulletins are the kind of billboard you see cruising down the highway. They have enough room for fun creative and a crisp call to action. Most in the Miami area dot I-95 and I-195 heading out to Miami Beach. It’s the most common type of inventory and offers high visibility.


Bulletins measure 48 feet wide x 14 feet tall.


Posters, which you may also hear people call 30 sheets, are smaller than bulletins, about half the width though nearly as tall. You will find them on major roads and closer to residential areas. Though they take up less space, they are still a very effective form of billboard advertising.

Dimensions +

The majority of posters in LA measure 22 feet wide x 10 feet tall.

Digital Billboards

While you can find digital ads in transit shelters downtown, digital bulletin inventory is scarce. Clear Channel is the exclusive provider of digital posters inside the city. You can find some digital billboards at sports venues. Pricing is significantly higher for digital in this market, with up to a 50% premium over static billboards.

Dimensions +

Digital bulletins are the same size as static ones at 48 feet wide x 14 feet tall.
Digital posters also mimic traditional posters at 24 feet, 6 inches wide x 12 feet, 3 inches tall.


With loads of tall buildings throughout town, Miami houses fantastic wallscape locations. Wallscapes are essentially massive billboards painted on the side of a building. They don’t have a standard size because it depends on the size and shape of the building. Wallscapes represent some of the most exclusive ad space in the city because of the cost, and brands get a big boost from creating one

places to advertise

Best Places in Miami to Advertise on a Billboard

First, a note on Miami Beach. Lots of advertisers want billboards there, but out of home inventory is actually pretty scarce, so we didn’t include it in our “best places” roundup.
Based on our experience, here are some of the premier locations for billboard advertising in Miami-Dade County and throughout South Florida.


Known for its incredible murals and funky vibe, Wynwood features breweries, galleries and bistros galore. It draws a young audience and may be the most chic location for outdoor advertising in the city. Categories that perform well here include high-end lifestyle apparel, entertainment and music.


Every major city has a financial district, and in downtown Miami, it’s Brickell, which sits on the edge of Biscayne Bay. The high-rise office buildings give way to rooftop bars as those who work here often mix business with pleasure, making it a great advertising venue. Top categories include high-end lifestyle apparel, music, entertainment and jewelers.


A small, exclusive swath of downtown on Biscayne Bay, this residential building hosts many of the glittering towers along the water as well as upscale shops and restaurants. Best categories include high-end fashion, music and entertainment. (Sensing a pattern? The Miami market is huge for music and entertainment.)

Miami International Airport:

Located west of the city, the airport welcomes almost half a million travelers annually, so of course advertisers want their message on billboards there. Top categories include music, entertainment, sports, mobile and more.

U.S. Route 41:

While digital inventory in the city is thin, you can find some on 41 on the outskirts of town. Entertainment and music are the top categories.


Cost of a Billboard in Miami

Prices in Miami can be steep depending where you want your billboard. A presence downtown will cost more, but you also need to take into account visibility of the billboard—do any trees obstruct the view, for instance — and your target demo. Some advertisers want that hip and trendy space because they believe it builds their brand. Others care more about reaching the right people vs. grabbing that cachet.

All billboard costs are for four-week periods (except wallscapes, which stay up longer) and represent recent averages in the market.

The Cheapest Billboards in Miami

Vector 1

Bulletins outside the city: $7,000 to $10,000, with the cost going down the further you get from downtown

The Most Expensive Billboards in Miami

Vector 1

Bulletins inside the city: $8,000 to $12,000

Vector 1

Wallscapes: $30,000 to $50,000 downtown


Miami Creative Examples


Thinking About Advertising in Miami?

We can find you the brand visibility you desire in Miami along major highways and in tourist destinations where you can reach commuters and pedestrians. Contact us today to learn more about Miami billboards and what’s available for outdoor advertisers. Let us get you the best rates.

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