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the city

About Dallas

You may know Dallas for being the site of JFK’s assassination, the home of America’s football team, or the setting of the famed TV show “Dallas.” Texas’s third-largest city (after Houston and San Antonio) plays an outsized role in pop culture, thanks in part to the area’s big money and big oil. It’s also become a major financial and transportation hub.

Of course, everything’s bigger in the state of Texas, and that goes for billboards, too. If you’re interested in forms out outdoor advertising in Dallas, read our guide to the advertising market, including a breakdown of the best places for massive, eye-catching wallscapes and the cost of Dallas digital and traditional billboards.

the Landscape

Data for Billboard Advertisers in Dallas, TX

With a population of 1.288 million, according to the most recent data available in 2021, Dallas ranks as the nation’s ninth-biggest city, with the area growing by 8% since 2010. It has a relatively young population, with only 11% over age 65 (nationally, that number is 17%). Median household income is $58.231, also well below the national average of $71,000.

In terms of out-of-home advertising, Dallas has 250 billboards, with the majority located on the primary arteries into the city. It has about 100 more than San Antonio but 200 fewer than Houston.

Here’s a complete demographic rundown on the Dallas DMA.

Dallas, TXPopulation: 1.288 million

Woman Population


Men Population


Hispanic 42
White 29
Black 24
Asian 3
Other 2



Foreign-born residents:


Persons per household:


Percent who speak a non-English language at home:


High school graduates


Hold at least a bachelor’s degree:


Median household income:



Types of Billboards Available

The city of Dallas has a variety of sizes and types of billboard advertising.


Most billboard inventory along highways are bulletins, and they’re what most people picture when they think of a billboard. They provide outstanding reach and frequency, connecting with commuters and city visitors who take the highways into the city.


Bulletins measure 48 feet wide x 14 feet tall.


Posters may be located along major roads, often in Dallas neighborhoods downtown that are also high-traffic areas.

Dimensions +

The majority of posters measure 24 feet, 6 inches wide x 12 feet, 3 inches tall.

Digital Billboards

Digital is not a significant factor in billboard advertising in Dallas — the city legalized digital boards barely 10 years ago. Though some digital bulletins sit along the highways, most downtown displays are small.

Dimensions +

Digital bulletins measure 48 feet wide x 14 feet tall.

places to advertise

Best Places in Dallas to Advertise on a Billboard

As you search for the perfect billboard location for your ads, keep in mind the unique demographics of Dallas—more than a third of people don’t speak English at home, so using Spanish on your signs may be a good idea. We see less entertainment and music advertising in Dallas than in other big cities, but if you want to get in front of potential customers and own the market in those categories, you have a good shot.

Based on our experience, here are some of the best places to find wallscapes and bulletin, poster and digital billboard inventory in Dallas.

Inner Loop Downtown:

The city permits wallscapes — it calls them supergraphics — here, and the best categories sports teams, sports apparel, automotive and insurance.

Elm Street in Deep Ellum:

Deep Ellum is the performing arts neighborhood in Dallas, home to loads of shops, restaurants and cultural destinations. The best billboard categories here include arts, restaurants and retail, with bonus points

Uptown Dallas:

Uptown encompasses bars and restaurants as well as Harry Hines Boulevard, where Dallas Market Center is located. The top categories for billboards here range from lifestyle apparel to beauty.

I-45 and I-30:

Both highways into Dallas are stacked with billboards, great for reaching people who work in the city, tourists and residents going to downtown draws like the Perot Museum of Natural History or Dallas Museum of Art. The most frequent advertisers include those looking to build brand awareness with a general audience, like lifestyle apparel, beauty and mobile.


The highway goes past the infamous Dealey Plaza, where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The top-performing categories include beauty, lifestyle apparel, sports teams and sporting goods, mobile and other general-interest categories.


Cost of a Billboard in Dallas

Billboard advertising’s average cost can vary depending on where you purchase the billboard, the time of year and the vendor. You can get the best prices for less-in-demand inventory, but that may not be the best place if won’t reach the desired demographic.

All prices are for four-week periods (except wallscapes, which stay up longer) and represent recent averages in the market.

The Cheapest Billboards in Dallas

Vector 1

Bulletins: $6,000 to $8,000 on the outskirts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex

Vector 1

Posters: $5,000 or less

The Most Expensive Billboards in Dallas

Vector 1

Wallscapes: $40,000 to $60,000

Vector 1

Bulletins: $10,000 and more downtown

Vector 2

Digital: $12,000 and more


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